Research Areas and Interests

 ●Multiphase Flow in Petroleum Engineering
   Multiphase Flow Fundamentals
   Particulate Flow Dynamics and Thermodynamics
   Measurement Science and Technology
   Gas Recovery by Water Drainage
   Dehydration and Dehydrocarbon from Natural Gas
●Complex Drop Flow Dynamics
   Interfacial Phenomena and Modeling
   Deformation, Adhesion, Motion in Micro- and Nano-channels
   Nanoparticle Technology for Enhanced Oil-Water Drop Flow
●Phase Change Heat Exchanger and Thermal System

   Boiling and Condensation
   Energy Efficiency Evaluation (3E) Theory
●Gas Liquid Mixing in Propulsion and Power System
   Effervescent Atomization
   Vortex Structure and Evolution
   Droplet Evaporation under High Temperature

Experiments and academic exchange