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Determination of atropine in injection with beta-cyclodextrin modified ion sensitive field effect transistor sensor

作者: Li XW, Yang BL, Wu YY, Lin HY
发表/完成日期: 2005-12-24
期卷: 5 (12)
A new atropine drug-FET sensor, which was made of an ISFET (ion sensitive field effect transistor) and a drug sensitive membrane prepared by adding electric active matter to a beta-cyclodextrin solution, was developed. The pH influence, selectivity, response curve, reproducibility, stability, response time and life of this sensor were investigated. A preliminary application of the sensor was discussed as well. The experimental results indicated that the sensor showed a Nernst response to atropine with a slope of 58.0 mV/decade over the concentration range of 5.0x10(-3)-1.0x10(-6) mol/L and the pH range of 5.0-8.5. The sensor detection limit was 8.0x10(-7) mol/L. The performance of this sensor was very stable when it was used to determine atropine concentration in a medicinal injection. The obtained results agreed well with the pharmacopoeia method.

IDS Number: 996AP