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Methane partial oxidation in liquid phase using vanadium-containing heteropolyacid catalysts in oleum

作者: Chen LY, Yang BL, Zhang XC, Dong W, Zhang XP
发表/完成日期: 2006-06-01
期卷: 27 (6)
The partial oxidation of methane by the H5PV2Mo10O40 catalyst in oleum was studied. The effects of catalyst amount, reaction temperature, reaction time, and sulfur trioxide concentration on the methane conversion and methanol yield were investigated. Methane was transformed to methyl bisulfate first, and then methyl bisulfate was hydrolyzed to methanol. Sulfur trioxide in oleum was necessary for the reaction system. The maximum methane conversion of 48.5 % and methanol yield of 41.5 % were obtained under the conditions of 7.0 mmol catalyst, methane pressure of 3.5 MPa, reaction temperature of 473 K, reaction time of 3 h, and 50 % sulfur trioxide concentration.
IDS Number: 065WM