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Novel process for synthesis of 1,1,3,3-tetrabutyl-1-methoxy-3-isocyanatodistannoxane

作者: Sun JJ, Yang BL, Lin HY, Wang XP, Wang DP
发表/完成日期: 2005-03-01
期卷: 690 (5)
A new process for synthesis of 1,1,3,3-tetrabutyl-1-methoxy-3-isocyanatodistannoxane (TBMI) from dibutyltin oxide (DSnO), methyl carbamate and methanol was proposed. The structure of the TBMI was confirmed by UV-Vis, elemental analyses, FTIR and HPLC. The effects of various conditions, such as reaction temperature, pressure, reaction time, molar ratio of the reactants and the stirring speed were investigated in the terms of TBMI yield. The experimental results indicated that the optimal reaction conditions were the molar ratio of methyl carbamate:DSnO of 2:1, the reaction time of 3 h, the reaction temperature of 433 K, the methanol:DSnO molar ratio of 2:1, the initial pressure of 0.4 MPa and the stirring speed of 1000 rpm, respectively. TBMI yield of 96.9% was obtained in the optimal reaction conditions. This process shows some advantages like easy to operate, higher yield, shorter reaction time and lower cost. (c) 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

IDS Number: 904PJ