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Hydrogen Storage Using Liquid Organic Hydrides

作者: Zhu GL (Zhu Gangli)1, Yang BL (Yang Bolun)1
发表/完成日期: 2009-12-30
期卷: ,21(12):

The hydrogen storage technology based on liquid organic hydrides, which employs the recyclable aromatic-cycloalkanes pairs as the media for hydrogen storage, is definitely a promising potential candidate for hydrogen storage and supply method with high storage capacity and low cost, especially for the long distance transportation of hydrogen and long term seasonal hydrogen storage. This paper reviews the latest research progress in liquid organic hydrides hydrogen storage technology. The basic principles and advantages of the technology as well as several major cycloalkanes used for hydrogen storage are introduced. Various catalysts for dehydrogenation of cycloalkanes are summarized from the following respects: catalyst composition, addition of second metals, particle dispersion, porous structure and surface properties, catalyst deactivation and stability, resistance to sulphur poisoning. Development of new catalytic-reactor configurations such as nonsteady spray-pulsed system, superheated liquid film system and membrane separation reaction system to overcome heat mass transfer limitations are described. And the proposal for future research is also outlined.