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Kinetics of Liquid Phase Catalytic Hydrogenation of Dicyclopentadiene over Pd/C Catalyst

作者: Hao ML, Yang BL, Wang HG, Liu G
发表/完成日期: 2010-03-25
期卷: 114 ( 11)
To investigate the kinetics behaviors of dicyclopentadiene hydrogenation, a series of experiments were performed at different temperatures (323-353 K) under varying hydrogen pressure (0.5-1.5 MPa) with a range of Pd/C catalyst loading (0.25-1.00 wt%) using ethanol as solvent in a batch reactor. The time dependent concentration variations for each component were traced under the conditions of removing both the internal and external diffusion effects. The Langmuir-Hinshelwood, mechanism was proposed with the consideration of the noncompetitive adsorption between the organic species with hydrogen, and the Surface reaction Wits the rate-determining step. The kinetic equation for the Sequence reaction were derived oil (lie basis of the analysis of mechanisms, and the model parameters were determined by fitting the experimental data in differential temperature using the method of Runge-Kutta. The reaction activation energies for the first and second steps are 3.19 and 31.69 kJ.mol(-1), respectively, and the reliability of the model was verified by these experimental results to change hydrogen pressure, reactant concentration and catalyst loading. The Simulation results agreed well with the experimental data.