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Etherification of Glycerol with Isobutylene to Produce Oxygenate Additive Using Sulfonated Peanut Shell Catalyst

作者: Zhao WQ , Yang BL , Yi CH
发表/完成日期: 2010-12-30
期卷: 49 (24)
A carbon-based solid acid catalyst was prepared by sulfonation of partially carbonized peanut shell, and characterized by SEM, EDS, BET analysis, FTIR spectroscopy, NH3 TPD, and TGA The analytic results indicate that sulfonated peanut shell catalyst has an amorphous porous structure with a high acid capacity and good thermal stability and exhibits better catalytic activity for the glycerol etherification reaction than cation-exchange resin With a molar ratio of isobutylene to glycerol of 4 1, a catalyst-to-glycerol mass ratio of 6 wt %, a reaction temperature of 343 K, and a reaction time of 2 h, glycerol was completely transformed Into a mixture of glycerol ethers Including mono-tert-butylglycerols (MTBGs), di-tert-butylglycerols (DTBGs), and tri-tert-butylglycerol (TTBG), and the selectivity toward the sum of the desired DTBGs and TTBG of 92 1% was obtained Moreover, excellent reusability of the catalyst was also confirmed by repeated experiments
DS 号: 690GS