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Synthesis of Diethyl Carbonate by the Combined Process of Transesterification with Distillation

作者: Qiu, Peng; Wang, Lu; Jiang, Xuedong; Yang, Bolun
发表/完成日期: 2012-02-18
期卷: 26:(2)
A new process that partially integrates reaction and distillation was developed to enhance the transesterification of ethylene carbonate (EC) with ethanol for the production of diethyl carbonate (DEC). Sodium ethoxide was used as a homogeneous catalyst. The top of a three-necked flask reactor was connected to a distillation apparatus equipped with an independent reboiler and theta ring packing to achieve the separation of DEC and ethanol that was returned back to the reactor. The effects of process, variables, such as reactant ratio, reflux ratio, reboiler duty, and catalyst concentration, on the DEC production were investigated to obtain the optimum operating conditions. Experimental results indicate that the DEC product can be removed from the reactor and purified by distillation operation during the course of reaction using the proposed process. Under the optimum operating conditions, which are ethanol/EC mole ratio of 4.5, reflux ratio of 1.5, reboiler duty of 124 W, and catalyst concentration of 0.4 wt %, the yield of DEC can reach 91% and the DEC purity can reach 97 wt %.