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Simultaneous production of hythane and carbon nanotubes via catalytic decomposition of methane with catalysts dispersed on porous supports Li, Xingxing; Zhu, Gangli ; Qi, Suitao; Huang, Jun , Yang, Bolun2014-10-16APPLIED ENERGY
Ni-WC/C nanocluster catalysts for urea electrooxidation Wang, Lu ;Li, Mingtao ;Yang, Bolun 2014-10-15JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES
Synthesizing 4 ',4 ''(5 '') Di-tert-butyldibenzo 18-crown-6 Monitored by Online FTIR Fan, Juan;Yi, Chunhai;Lan, Xiaorong;Yang,Bolun 2014-08-11JOURNAL OF HETEROCYCLIC CHEMISTRY
Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Ionic Liquids for Thermal Storage Zhang, Zhan; Salih, Alsamani A. M.; Yang, Bolun2014-04-16ENERGY & FUELS
Liquid-liquid equilibrium for systems of glycerol and glycerol tert-butyl ethers Liu, Jingjun; Yuan, Yong ; Yang, Bolun2014-03-15FLUID PHASE EQUILIBRIA
Dynamics and control study on the low temperature methanation reactor with mass and heat recycle Li, Xingxing; Yang, Bolun; Zhang, Yong2013-10-15Journal of Process Control
Kinetics for the Synthesis of Biodiesel Based on the Calculation of Hot Spot Temperatures in the Catalyst Yuan, Hong; Li, Xingxing; Yang, Bolun2013-08-21Ind. & Eng.Che. Res
Understanding the Initial Decomposition Pathways of the n-Alkane/Nitroalkane Binary Mixture Guan, Yulei; Zhang, Ying; Yi, Chunhai; Yang, Bolun2013-08-16CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Etherification of glycerol and isobutylene catalyzed over rare earth modified H beta-zeolite Zhao, Weiqin; Yi, Chunhai; Yang, Bolun2013-08-02FUEL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY
Multi-scale study of reactive distillation Liu, Jingjun; Yang, Bolun; Lu, SQ; Yi, Chunhai 2013-06-01Chemical Engineering Journal
Density Functional Theory Investigation for Catalytic Mechanism of Gasoline Alkylation Desulfurization over NKC-9 Ion-Exchange Resin Liu, Yu; Yang, Bolun; Yi, Chunhai2013-05-29INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH
Reaction Mechanism of Hydrogen. Generation from Hydrolysis of BH4- : Quantum Chemistry Computing Zhang, Ying; Li Mingtao; Yang Bolun 2013-05-15ACTA CHIMICA SINICA
Design, optimization, and control of reactive distillation column for the synthesis of tert-amyl ethyl ether Lei, Zhao; Yi, Chunhai; Yang, Bolun2013-05-07CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN
Kinetic Study of Glycerol Etherification with lsobutene Liu, Jingjun; Yang, Bolun; Yi, Chunhai2013-03-13INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH
Optimization of Synthetic Strategy of 4 ' 4 ''(5 '')-Di-tert-butyldibenzo-18-crown-6 Using Response Surface Methodolog Fan, Jun; Yi, Chunhai; Lan, Xiaorong; Yang Bolun2013-03-05ORGANIC PROCESS RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT
Biodiesel Production with Water-Tolerance and A Microwave Absorbing Catalyst using Tung Oil Yuan, Hong; Yang, Bolun; Zhu, Gangli2013-01-01INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GREEN ENERGY
Development of Dehydrogenation Catalyst for Reversible Hydrogen Storage in Organic Hydrides Qi,Suitao; Huang, Jun; Yang Bolun2012-12-11ACTA CHIMICA SINICA
Kinetic modeling for hydrogen-abstraction reaction of methylcyclohexane with the center dot CH3 radical Guan, Yulei; Yang, Bolun2012-09-10CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE
Kinetics for the hydrogen-abstraction of CH4 with NO2 Guan, Yulei; Yang, Bolun2012-09-05JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY
Process Simulation Based on Experimental Investigations for 3-Methylthiophene Alkylation with Isobutylene in a Reactive Distillation Column Liu, Yu; Yang, Bolun; Li, Shasha2012-07-25INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH
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