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论文标题 作者 发表/完成日期 期刊名称
Complex reactions of hydration and etherification of isobutene over La-modified beta molecular sieve Yang BL (Yang Bolun), Lu SQ, Wu J, Wang HJ 2007-01-15 CHINESE JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Removal of H2S by Thiobacillus denitrificans immobilized on different matrices Ma YL, Yang BL, Zhao JL 2006-11-02 BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY
In vivo optimizing of intracellular production of heterologous protein in Pichia pastoris by fluorescent scanning Zhang YD, Yang BL 2006-10-15 ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY
Novel Cu flower-like nanostructures synthesized from a solid-stabilized emulsion approach He YJ, Yu XY, Yang BL 2006-10-10 MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Reactive rectifying for producing dimethyl carbonate Wang XP, Yang BL, Wang DP, Zhai XW 2006-09-01 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Preparation of CeO2/ZnO nanostructured microspheres and their catalytic properties He YJ, Yu XY, Li TL, Yan LY, Yang BL 2006-08-21 POWDER TECHNOLOGY
Synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from urea and methanol catalyzed by the metallic compounds at atmospheric pressure Yang BL, Wang DP, Lin HY, Sun JJ, Wang XP 2006-07-06 CATALYSIS COMMUNICATIONS
Crystal structure of irisolidone from the flowers of Pueraia lobata Zhang ZT, Zhang XL, Yang BL, Zhang YD 2006-07-01 JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY
Multiplicity analysis in reactive distillation column using ASPEN PLUS Yang BL, Wu J, Zhao GS, Wang HJ, Lu SQ 2006-06-02 CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
Methane partial oxidation in liquid phase using vanadium-containing heteropolyacid catalysts in oleum Chen LY, Yang BL, Zhang XC, Dong W, Zhang XP 2006-06-01 CHINESE JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Removal of H2S in waste gases by an activated carbon bioreactor Ma YL, Zhao JL, Yang BL 2006-05-18 INTERNATIONAL BIODETERIORATION & BIODEGRADATION
Macro-kinetic study of water removal from ethanol-water mixture near azeotropic concentration using reaction method Wang HJ, Yang BL, Wu J, Lu SQ 2006-05-10 CHINESE JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Methane oxidation over a V2O5 catalyst in the liquid phase Chen LY, Yang BL, Zhang XC 2006-05-10 ENERGY & FUELS
Determination of atropine in injection with beta-cyclodextrin modified ion sensitive field effect transistor sensor Li XW, Yang BL, Wu YY, Lin HY 2005-12-24 SENSORS
Partial oxidation of methane to methanol in liquid phase by V2O5 catalyst Chen LY, Yang BL, Zhang XC, Dong W, Cao K 2005-11-24 CHINESE JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Disposable biosensor test for organophosphate and carbamate insecticides in milk Zhang YD, Muench SB, Schulze H, Perz R, Yang BL 2005-06-29 JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY
Prediction of the physical properties for the ionic liquid based on topological index Shu Q, Yang BL, Wang FA 2005-06-24 CHINESE JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL CHEMISTR
Lumps and kinetics for the secondary reactions in catalytically cracked gasoline Wang LY, Yang BL, Wang ZW 2005-05-01 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Novel process for synthesis of 1,1,3,3-tetrabutyl-1-methoxy-3-isocyanatodistannoxane Sun JJ, Yang BL, Lin HY, Wang XP, Wang DP 2005-03-01 JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY
Methane aromatization using Mo-based catalysts prepared by microwave heating Qi ST, Yang BL 2004-12-24 CATALYSIS TODAY

Publications (Cited by EI)

Publications Cited by EI