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Trans-2,2 ',4,4 ' Aetramethyl-6,6 ' -dinitroazobenzene from Aconitum sungpanense Wang XL, Li ZX, Yang BL 2004-12-24 FITOTERAPIA
On the oxidative coupling of methane with carbon dioxide over CeO2/ZnO nanocatalysts He YJ, Yang BL, Cheng GX 2004-12-14 CATALYSIS TODAY
Kinetics studies for the synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from urea and methanol Lin HY, Yang BL, Sun JJ, Wang XP, Wang DP 2004-10-15 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Isolation and crystal structure of trans-2,2 ',4,4 '-tetramethyl-6,6 '-dinitro azobenzene Wang XL, Yang BL, Li ZX, Yuan CL, Yu KB 2004-06-24 CHINESE JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL CHEMISTRY
Influence of the thermodynamic stability of microemulsion on the size of nanoparticles prepared by a coupling route of microemulsion with homogeneous precipitation He YJ, Yang BL, Cheng GX, Pan HM 2004-05-03 MATERIALS LETTERS
A semicontinuous process for the synthesis of methyl carbamate from urea and methanol Sun JJ, Yang BL, Lin HY 2004-04-08 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY
Surface analysis of Mo/HZSM5 catalyst prepared by microwave heating for non-oxidative Qi ST, Yang BL, Lang L, Xian JT 2004-03-28 ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE ACS
Affinity adsorption and hydrodynamic behavior in a tapered-bed of upward flow Li JJ, Yang BL, Cheng GX 2003-09-25 BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Synthesis of La2O3/BaCO3 nanocatalysts and their catalytic erformance He YJ, Yang BL, Cheng GX, Pan HM 2003-08-05 POWDER TECHNOLOGY
Kinetics research for the synthesis of branch ether using genetic-simulated annealing algorithm with multi-pattern evolution Yao RQ, Yang BL, Cheng GX, Tao XH, Meng FX 2003-08-01 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Crystal structure of stereoisomers of matrine from Sophora flavescens in the Qin Mountain Zhang ZT, Yang BL, Liu QG, Yu KB 2003-07-17 ACTA CHIMICA SINICA
An ion field effect transistor sensor for the determination of dioxopromethazine Li XW, Yang BL 2003-07-04 CHINESE JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
Identification of RanBMP interacting with Shigella flexneri IpaC invasin by two-hybrid system of yeast Yao X, Wang HL, Shi ZX, Yan XY, Feng EL, Yang BL 2003-06-24 WORLD JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY
Synthesis and crystal structure of a novel supramolecular compound [Mg(H2O)(6)](C16H11O4SO3)(2)center dot 10H(2)O Zhang ZT, Yang BL, Liu QG, Liu XH, Gao ZW, Yu KB 2003-04-16 CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY
Controlled synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticles from the coupling route of homogenous precipitation with microemulsion He YJ, Yang BL, Cheng CX 2003-04-15 MATERIALS LETTERS
New FCC process minimizes gasoline olefin, increases propylene Wang LY, Yang BL, Wang GL, Tang HT, Li ZB, Wei JL 2003-02-10 OIL & GAS JOURNAL
Synthesis, crystal structure and biological activity of monomethylated daidzein sulfonates Zhang ZT, Liu QG, Liu XH, Yang BL 2002-10-18 ACTA CHIMICA SINICA
Vapor-liquid equilibrium for mixtures of water, alcohols, and ethers Yang BL, Wang HJ 2002-09-10 JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING DATA
New FCC process minimizes gasoline olefin, increases propylene Wang LY, Yang BL, Wang GL, Tang HT, Li ZB, Wei JL 2002-02-10 OIL & GAS JOURNAL
Simulation for the reactive distillation process to synthesize ethyl tert-butyl ether Yang BL, Yang SB, Wang HJ 2001-09-14 JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING OF JAPAN

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Publications Cited by EI