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Varying the ratio of formic acid to triethylamine impacts on asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of ketones Zhou, XW; Wu, XF; Yang, BL;Xiao, JL 2012-05-18 JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CATALYSIS A-CHEMICAL
Preparation of 4 ',4 ''(5 '')-Di-tert-butyldibenzo-18-crown-6 Based on Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Fan, Juan;Yi, Chunhai;Lan, Xiaorong; Yang Bolun 2012-03-05 CHEMISTRY LETTERS
Synthesis of Diethyl Carbonate by the Combined Process of Transesterification with Distillation Qiu, Peng; Wang, Lu; Jiang, Xuedong; Yang, Bolun 2012-02-18 ENERGY & FUELS
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Kinetic Model Considering Reactant Oriented Selective Deactivation for Secondary Reactions of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Gasoline Zhou, Xiaowei;Chen, Tao; Yang, Bolun 2011-06-06 ENERGY & FUELS

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Publications Cited by EI