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Dr. Huang gave Oral talk in Nano Forum 2020 at iHarbor
发布者: 黄博 | 2020-10-18

Dr. Huang has gave an Oral talk in Nano Forum 2020 held by Shaanxi Society of Nano Science and Technology at iHarbor, the title is

Coreduction Methodology for Immiscible Alloy of CuRu Solid- Solution Nanoparticles with High Thermal Stability and Versatile Exhaust Purification Ability.

He provided a novel three-way catalyst potentially replace the commercial Rh-based platinum group metal catalysts.

In addition, 4 years ago, in 2nd International Conference of Polyol Mediated Synthesis held in Hikone, Japan, Dr. Huang first reported the synthetic methodology for immiscible systems. After 4 years, this frontier theory in the synthetic chemistry was already well-recognized in the world, and he gave a talk on this synthetic methodology again.

Most importantly, Dr. Huang predicted that all the alloy could be synthesized, via this synthetic methodology.