Research Orientation

The lecture of Prof. Frits Bolkestein, the Dutch statesman and former EU commissioner, in XJTU, 2008.              Photo by D.Chen

My Inspiration

Currently I’m working with the ICLON Graduate School of Education, Leiden University, the Netherlands, on a project investigating the cognition and behavior of ESL/EFL teachers in both China and the Netherlands. I’m curious about the factors behind the teaching performance in class, which will possibly lead us the way to find out how to perfect our teaching.

The research project is not isolated to my former research of cultural identity(2005-2008), text analysis(2003-2005), and EFL teaching methods(1999-2004). Actually I’m still working on some of the specific field such as text analysis of literary genres, etc. I believe all scientific fields may overlap one way or the other. The deeper we explore, the more likely we arrive at the common ground of universal truth. (see the brief introduction of the research project in "China and ICLON Research Activities" at Leiden University Weblectures

Research Funds Obtained


Participant: EU-China European Studies Centres Programme: European Union Integration: Development for Master Degree Program and Policy Studies in Relation to the Sustainable Development of Northwest China


Participant:  “The Comparative Study of the Line-Formation Mechanisms in Both Classical Chinese and English Prosody”, Shaanxi Provincial Social Science Research Foundation.


Participant: “English Literature as a ‘Quality Course’”, Xi’an Jiaotong Univ. Curriculum Development Foundation.


Participant: “British and American Culture as a ‘Quality Course’”, Xi’an Jiaotong Univ. Curriculum Development Foundation

Major Publications

u           New Models of European Education?On the Educational Programmes of European Union in Promoting European Identity, in The European Integration and the Sustainable Development of Northwest China: Identities and Win-Win, World Publishing co., 2008.

u           Line-Formation as a Discourse Strategy in Cultural Context: Comparative Study of the English Sonnet and Chinese Ci, to be published.

u           On the Restrictions in Translating Western Movies, in Foreign Language Education, Vol. 25, 2004.

u           The Restrictions against Communicative Language Teaching in Military Colleges and Possible Solutions, ibid.

u           The Preliminary Survey of the Psychological Factors as in Online Teaching of ESP, in Foreign Language Education, Vol. 22, 2001.

u           How to Translate News Items, in Research on Foreign Language Teaching in Military Academies, Foreign Language Teaching & Research Express, 2000.

         Continuity in Discontinuity: Enjambment in the Sonnet, unpublished Master thesis

Contact Me

Address: English Dept.,
Schl. of International Studies, Xi’an Jiaotong Univ., Xi’an, P.R. China, 710049

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