Students in Chen's group

I anticipate recruiting EXCEPTIONAL new PhD students in the area of machine learning, cognitive science, and brain machine interface. Please feel free to contact me if you are truly exceptional in your intelligence, mathematical knowledge, programming skills, etc. It is our hope that you will want to join us in making contribution to science and engineering.

  Ph.D Students

Hao Wu (吴昊) (2014-) (fMRI decoding, Visual cognition)

Tianliang Liu (刘天良) (2015-) (Brain inspired AI, Deep learning)

Zhengda Qin (秦正达) (2016-) (Kernel learning, Convex Universal Learning Machines)

Lei Xing (邢磊) (2016-) (Information theoretic learning, Estimation and filtering, Subspace learning)

Yunfei Zheng (郑云飞) (2017-) (Information theoretic learning, Broad learning systems, EEG classification)

Chao Tang (汤超) (2017-) (Brain machine interface, EEG/MEG analysis)

Lujuan Dang (党路娟) (2018-) (Information theoretic learning, Estimation and filtering)

Qi Zhang (张琦) (2018-) (Co-supervision with Prof. Jingmin Xin) (Visual attention modeling)

Lei Wang (王磊) (2019-) (Brain inspired AI, Cognitive computation)

Qingsong Yan (颜庆嵩) (2019-) (Brain inspired AI, Cognitive computation, Reinforcement learning)

Yuqing Xie (谢宇清) (2019-) (Information theoretic learning, Cognitive computation)

Mingfei Lu (卢明飞) (2020-) (Information theoretic learning, Computational neural engineering)

Kaizhong Zheng(郑凯中) (2020-) (fMRI analysis, Cognitive science)

  Master Students

Binghui Li (李炳辉) (2018-) (Robot control, Path planning)

Qian Zhang (张倩) (2018-) (Augmented reality, Camera calibration, Point set registration)

Wanqi Zhou (周婉琪) (2019-) (Causality analysis, Causal reasoning in machine learning)

Shengqi Wang (王圣琦) (2019-) (Visual scene understanding, Transfer and multi-task learning)

Yunhuan Li (李运环) (2020-) (Information theoretic learning, Brain machine interfaces)

Naite He (何奈特) (2020-) (Information theoretic learning, Transfer and multi-task learning)

  Graduated Students

Ren Wang (王仁) (Master degree in Jun. 2015) (Information theoretic learning) (S.E.T. in Hikvison)

Jianfeng Xiao (肖建锋) (Master degree in Jun. 2016) (Causality analysis(Technical trainer in ZTE University)

Yaohui Han (韩耀辉) (Master degree in Jun. 2017) (Saccades and eye movement modeling) (Software engineer in HUAWEI)

Jiayi Wang (王佳宜) (Master degree in Jun. 2017) (Visual cognition, fMRI decoding) (Sales engineer in HUAWEI)

Jiyao Dong (董继尧) (Master degree in Jun. 2018) (Brain machine interface, EEG analysis)

Tao Chen (陈涛) (Master degree in Jun. 2018) (Stereo vision and visual scene modeling)

Xin Wang (王鑫) (Master degree in Jun. 2019) (Information theoretic learning)

Rongjin Ma (马荣金) (Master degree in Jun. 2019) (Causality Analysis)

Dawei Huang (黄大维) (Master degree in Jun. 2019) (sEMG/High density sEMG decoding)

Zhengkai Xi (席政凯) (Master degree in Jun. 2019) (Co-supervision with Prof. Jing Yang) (fMRI decoding)

Yicong He (何一聪) (Ph.D degree in Sept. 2019) (Co-supervision with Prof. Fei Wang) (Information theoretic learning, Distributed learning,Compressive sensing) (Post-doctoral in UCF)

Hong Ji (季虹) (Ph.D degree in Dec. 2019) (Co-supervision with Prof. Zejian Yuan) (EEG/fMRI fusion, ssVEP-fMRI frequency tagging)

Xuemei Qin (秦雪梅) (Master degree in Jun. 2020) (Brain machine interface, EEG analysis)

Qihang Yang (杨启航) (Master degree in Jun. 2020) (Robot control, Brain machine interface)

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