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Recent Publications (2009-2020)


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     [2020 Publications]


        [192]. Feng Liu, Hao Bian, Fan Zhang, Qing Yang,* Chao Shan, Minjing Li, Xun Hou, and Feng Chen,* IR Artificial Compound Eye, Advanced Optical Materials, 8, 1901767, (2020). [PDF] (Front Cover)



       [191]. Xue bai, Qing Yang, Yao Fang, Jingzhou Zhang, Jiale Yong,* Xun Hou, and Feng Chen,* Superhydrophobicity-memory surfaces prepared by a femtosecond laser, Chemical Engineering Journal, 383, 123143, (2020).(ESI高被引论文) [PDF] 



     [190]. Xue Bai, Qing Yang, Yao Fang, Jiale Yong,* Yongkang Bai, Jiwen Zhang, Xun Hou, and Feng Chen,* Anisotropic, Adhesion-Switchable, and Thermal-Responsive Superhydrophobicity on the Femtosecond laser-Structured Shape-Memory Polymer for Droplet ManipulationChemical Engineering Journal, 400, 125930, (2020).[PDF]


      [189]. Yu Lu, Feng Chen,* and Lidai Wang,*  An invertible wavefront switching system with a high extinction ratio. Optics and Laser Technology, 131, 106466, (2020). [PDF]


   [188]. Jie Liang, Hao Bian,* Qing Yang, Yao Fang, Chao Shan, Xue Bai, Yang Cheng, Jiale Yong, Xun Hou, and Feng Chen,* Femtosecond Laser-Patterned Slippery Surfaces on PET for Liquid Patterning and Blood Resistance. Optics and Laser Technology,  [PDF]


     [187]. Chao Shan, Chengjun Zhang, Jie Liang, Qing Yang,* Hao Bian, Jiale Yong, Xun Hou, and Feng Chen,* 3D Integrated Coreless Microtransformer Processed by Femtosecond Laser Micro-nano FabricationJournal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 30, 105002, (2020). [PDF]