1.Personal Profiles


Professor   Chenyang Lu

Department of Nuclear Science and Technology,

School of Energy and Power Engineering,

Xi’an Jiaotong University

2.Professional Experience

2019, National Young Talents.

2018, Professor in Xi’an Jiaotong Univeisity.

2017, Assistant Research Scientist in Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, University of Michigan, USA.

2014, Postdoctor in University of Michigan, USA.

2014, Microscope & Microanalysis Presidential Scholar Award in USA.

2014, Ph.D in Materials, Northeast University. 

2007, B.S in Materials, Northeast University. 

Researcherid: www.researcherid.com/rid/F-9247-2018


 No. 28, Xianning West Road

Department of Nuclear Science and Technology,

Xi’an Jiaotong University

Xi’an, Shaanxi, 710049, P.R.China

Email: chenylu@xjtu.edu.cn

Office: Room608, Xubang Science and Technology Building,

Xingqing South Road

4. Research Field

 Preparation of nuclear structural materials;

Irradiation damage in materials;

Ion beam modification

5. Selected Articles

 1.C. Lu, L. Niu, N. Chen, K. Jin, T. Yang, P. Xiu, Y. Zhang, F. Gao, H. Bei, S. Shi, R. Mo, I.M. Robertson, W.J. Weber and L. Wang. “Enhancing radiation tolerance by controlling defect mobility and migration pathways in multicomponent single phase alloys, Nature communications7:13546, 2016. IF= 12.036)

2. Q. Peng, F. Meng, Y. Yang, C. Lu*, H. Deng, L. Wang, S. De and F. Gao. “Shockwave generates< 100> dislocation loops in bcc iron”, Nature communications9:4880, 2018.  IF= 12.036)

3.Y. Zhang, G.M. Stocks, K. Jin, C. Lu, H. Bei, B.C. Sales, L. Wang, L.K. Beland, R.E. Stoller, G.D. Samolyuk, M. Caro, A. Caro and W.J. Weber. “Influence of chemical disorder on energy dissipation and defect evolution in concentrated solid solution alloys”, Nature communications,6:8736, 2015. IF= 12.036)

4. C. Wang, T. Yang, C.L. Tracy, C. Lu, H. Zhang, Y. Hu, L. Wang, L. Qi, L. Gu, Q. Huang, J. Zhang, J. Wang, J. Xue, R.C. Ewing and Y. Wang. “Disorder in Mn+1AXnphases at the atomic scale”, Nature communications,10:622, 2019. IF= 12.036)

5. F. Granberg, K. Nordlund, M.W. Ullah, K. Jin, C. Lu,H. Bei, L. Wang, F. Djurabekova, W.J. Weber and Y. Zhang. “Mechanism of Radiation Damage Reduction in Equiatomic Multicomponent Single Phase Alloys”, Physical review letters,116: 135504, 2016.  IF= 8.839)

6. C. Lu, T. Yang, K. Jin, N. Gao, P. Xiu, Y. Zhang, F. Gao, H. Bei, W.J. Weber, K. Sun, Y. Dong and L. Wang. “Radiation-induced segregation on defect clusters in single-phase concentrated solid-solution alloys”, Acta materialia,127, 98-107, 2017.  IF= 6.036)

7. T. Yang, C. Lu*, G. Velisa, K. Jin, P. Xiu, M.L. Crespillo, Y. Zhang, H. Bei and L. Wang. “Effect of alloying elements on defect evolution in Ni-20X binary alloys”, Acta materialia, 151, 159-168, 2018. IF= 6.036)

8. C. Lu,K. Jin, L.K. Beland, F. Zhang, T. Yang, L. Qiao, Y. Zhang, H. Bei, H.M. Christen, R.E. Stoller and L. Wang. “Direct Observation of Defect Range and Evolution in Ion-Irradiated Single Crystalline Ni and Ni Binary Alloys”, Scientific reports,6:19994. 2016. IF= 4.122)

9. C. Lu,T. Yang, K. Jin, G. Velisa, P. Xiu, M. Song, Q. Peng, F. Gao, Y. Zhang, H. Bei, W.J. Weber and L. Wang. “Enhanced void swelling in NiCoFeCrPd high-entropy alloy by indentation-induced dislocations”, Materials Research Letters,6:584-591, 2018. (IF= 6.161)

10. C. Lu,T. Yang, L. Niu, Q. Peng, K. Jin, M.L. Crespillo, G. Velisa, H. Xue, F. Zhang, P. Xiu, Y. Zhang, F. Gao, H. Bei, W.J. Weber and L. Wang, “Interstitial migration behavior and defect evolution in ion irradiated pure nickel and Ni-xFe binary alloys”, Journal of Nuclear Materials,509:237-244, 2018. (IF= 2.447)

11. C. Lu,Z. Lu, R. Xie, C. Liu and L. Wang. “Microstructure of HIPed and SPSed 9Cr-ODS steel and its effect on helium bubble formation”,Journal of nuclear materials,474: 65-75, 2016. (IF= 2.447)

12. C. Lu,Z. Lu, R. Xie, C.Liu and L. Wang. “Microstructure of a 14Cr-ODS ferritic steel before and after helium ion implantation”, Journal of nuclear materials, 455: 366-370, 2014. (IF= 2.447)

13. C. Lu,Z. Lu and C. Liu. “Microstructure of nano-structured ODS CLAM steel by mechanical alloying and hot isostatic pressing”, Journal of nuclear materials,442: S148-S152, 2013. (IF= 2.447)

14. C. Lu,Z. Lu, X. Wang, R. Xie, Z. Li, M. Higgins, C. Liu, F.Gao and L. Wang. Enhanced Radiation-Tolerant Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steel and its Microstructure Evolution under helium-implantation and Heavy-ion Irradiation”, Scientific reports,7, 40343, 2017. (IF= 4.122)

15C. Lu,Z. Lu, R. Xie, Z. Li, C. Liu and L. Wang. “Effect of Y/Ti Atomic Ratio on Microstructure of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys”.Materials Characterization,134, 35-40, 2018. (IF= 2.892)

16. T. Yang, C. Lu*,G. Velisa, K. Jin, P. Xiu, Y. Zhang, H. Bei and L. Wang, “Influence of irradiation temperature on void swelling in NiCoFeCrMn and NiCoFeCrPd”, Scripta Materialia,158:57-61, 2019. (IF= 4.163)

17C.Lu, T. Yang, K. Jin, G.Velisa, P.Xiu, Q.Peng, F.Gao, Y.Zhang, H.Bei, W. J. Weber L.Wang. “Irradiation effects of medium-entropy alloy NiCoCr with and without pre-indentation”, Journal of nuclear materials,524:60-66,2019 (IF= 2.447)

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