About us

Mission Statement

At our research group, we are curious about ways of moving data faster both electrically and optically through integrated circuits solution. In more concrete terms, we strive to create ultra-broadband analog circuits that support the high speed evolutions in 5G/6G, Cloud, IoE and AI. We focus on inventing innovative and smart circuits that push the speed limit of electronic and photonic technologies. As an engineering science, economics and energy efficiency play the roles as both limitations and motivations for our research. 



We are both visionary dreamer and pragmatic artisan, with both big picture and concrete steps in our minds. This empowers us the sense of direction when we are lost in detail, it also keeps us grounded to actually achieve something.


Innovation is the soul of research. In the meantime, it is deeply rooted in the revolution and evolution of application. Therefore, we strive to create new solution based on the need from real world, not just for the sake of pursuing something new.


Working at the limit of technology is both challenging and fun. Oftentimes, one will find himself/herself at a place nobody has reached before. This situation requires a solid mastery of prior arts and courage to push the limit. Therefore, we strengthen two factors: ambition and hard work. You should be bold to embrace the projects with challenging goals, and willing to think out of the box because that is the way to the break through the fundamental limits. You will be willing to work hard because you know nothing comes for free.


Optical VS. Electrical

When and how optical will replace electrical for high-speed link is under debate, and it is impossible and meaningless to predict the exact timing. The sure things are that electrical and optical will co-exist for a long time, intertwined and fused gradually. That’s why we don’t discriminate and position us in either camp. What we abide by are the law of physics and economics. What we know for sure is that in the incoming paradigm shift from electrical to optical, there will be tons of challenging and exciting problems for us to solve.


Career Path

Narrowly framed in the conventional way, students graduated from our group will become IC design engineers to develop innovative high-speed analog, RF and mixed signal circuits. But if you are bold enough to step out of your comfort zone, there will be virtually no limitation on what you can do, because what we do here is to train you the ways and methodologies to solve real-world hard problems. In this regard, any career requires problem solving is suitable for you.


Prospective Students

Students from EE, physics and similar majors with proven academic achievement are ideal candidates. You are expected to

- Be proactive, self-drived, and excited about your research.

- Be willing to push limit and invent new things than just relying on existing things.

- Be a faster learner, since what we do evolves in a fast pace. 

- Be willing to spend long hours to explore, try and experiment, until finally reach the goal.