Personal information

2014.10-            Principal Investigator at the level of Professor, Group Leader III, Center for Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine (CMBM),
                          Frontier Institute of Science and Technology (FIST), Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
2012.7-2014.9   Postdoctoral Fellow, Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope, California, USA
2009.4-2012.4   Postdoctoral Research Associate,University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
2006-2009        Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences, Aston University,Birmingham, UK
2004-2005        M.Sc in Human Nutrition & Metabolism, University of Aberdeen,Aberdeen, UK
1999-2004        B.M in Preventive Medicine, China Medical University,Shenyang, China
2009                 Poster Prize at 36th Adipose Tissue Discussion Group Meeting (Alderly Park, UK)
2007-2009        Overseas Research Student Scholarship (UK)

2006-2009        International Student Scholarship (Aston University, UK)

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