Prof. Defu CHE

Defu CHE, born in November 1962, Ph.D.,  

Prof. & Chair of Thermal Engineering Department

Director of Boiler Research Institute.


Tel:  029-82665185
School of Energy & Power Engineering 
Xi'an Jiaotong University
Xi'an, 710049, P. R. China

Research Interests

  • Boiler and heat exchanger design;
  • Multiphase flow and heat transfer;
  • Combustion of fossil fuels and pollutant emission control;
  • Comprehensive utilization of low grade heat energy;
  • CFD and CAD.
Local Time

  • B. A., Thermal Engineering,  Xi’an Jiaotong University  1983
  • M. A., Thermal Engineering,  Xi’an Jiaotong Universtiy  1986
  • Ph.D., Thermal Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University  1990
  • Ph.D., Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Auckland  1989-1990
  • Visiting Scholar, Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering, University of California  1995-1996
Major Social Positions

  • Member of Boiler Committee, Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering; 
  • Editorial Board Member of Fundamental Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering; 
  • Editorial Board Member of The Open Fuels&Energy Science Journal.
International Exchange

Latest Papers

1. Huan Wang, Xiaojun Shi, and Defu Che, Thermodynamic optimization of the operating ameters for a combined power cycle utilizing low-temperature waste heat and LNG cold energy, Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol.59,NO.1-2, Sep., 2013, pp.490-497. (SCI213RR)

 2 Shangjian Hu, Chengbo Man, and Defu Che, Energy Analysis of Low-Rank Coal Pre-Drying Power Generation Systems, Drying Technology, Vol.31, NO.11, Aug., 2013, pp.1194-1205. (SCI205XJ)

3. Jianwen Zhang, Kai Chen, and Defu Che, Optimization of Separated Overfire Air System for a Utility Boiler from a 3-MW Pilot-Scale Facility, Energy & Fuels, Vol.27, NO.2, Feb., 2013, pp.1131-1140. (SCI096VD)

4. Chang’an Wang, Yongbo Du and Defu Che, Reactivities of coals and synthetic model coal under oxy-fuel conditions, Thermochimica Acta, Vol.553, Feb., 2013, pp.8-15. (SCI083FU)

5. Lei Deng, Xi Jin, Yu Zhang, and Defu Che, Release of Nitrogen Species during Rapid Pyrolysis of Model Coals, Energy & Fuels, Vol.27, NO.1, Jan., 2013, pp.430-439. (SCI122OP)

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