About Me

Degang Xie 解德刚
Associate Professor (since 2018.07) and Assistant Professor (2016.04-2018.07) in School of Materials Science and Engineering
Vice Director, XJTU-Hitachi High-Tech Research & Development Center (since 2016.04)
e-mail: dg_xie@xjtu.edu.cn

Address: Room307 in old MSE building (材料学院强度楼307室)


Research interests

In situ SEM/TEM investigation of
1. Micro- and nano-scale deformation or damage mechanism in gases such as hydrogen
2. Material behaviors in response to thermal, electrical, or mechanical loading
3.     Advanced metals and electronic packaging materials

Graduate students:
2 masters/year and 1 phd/year

Undergraduate students:
2-3 year undergraduate students are welcom to join my team.
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