Team Leader


Degang Xie is associate professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University, and the deputy director of XJTU-Hitachi High-Tech Research&Development Center. He received his Bachelor (2010) and doctoral degree (2016) in material science from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. From 2011 to 2012, he had one year research experience in Ju Li’s group in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He is experienced with the in situ transmission electron microscopy, especially in quantitative nanomechanical characterization. His research interests focus on probing the structure-property relationship of materials under extreme conditions such as in hydrogen-rich environment, oxidative environment, high temperature etc.


Team Member

PhD students:

Zhiyu Nie 聂志宇                  Diffusional deformation of aluminum at micro- and nano-scales


Master students:

Xinyao Wang 王鑫垚            High temperature Dislocation-precipitates interaction in Al-Sc alloys

Chenxiao Dang 党晨啸         Size effect of cementite single crystals


Undergraduate students:

Xiaohan Dai 代晓涵             Hydrogen enhanced plasticity in Titanium alloys

Yiting Qiu 邱怡婷                 Deformation mechanism of cementite under hydrogen environment

Jing Li 李晶                          High temperature deformation of aluminum alloys



Rongrong Zhang 张荣荣       Ms. degree at 2018, now a Phd student in Prof. Karine Masenelli Varlotv’s group at Insititut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon at France

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