Basic Information


Liu danling

Profession and Teaching Experience:

Teacher of English Language and Literature; Teaching British Literature to the undergraduate English majors; and also giving lectures on Shakespearean Drama, English Novels and Western Literary Theory  to the MA students.

Academic Title:

Associate Professor and Supervisor of the MA students in the School of International Studies, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China.


1982~1986 Dalian, Liaoning Normal University, studied English Language and Literature in the Department of Foreign Languages and obtained a BA degree.
1996, 4~6 UK, Oxford College of Further Education, studied English language and culture and received a certificate.
1998, 2~7 Beijing University, Department of English Language and Literature, studied English Literature as a guest student, and received a certificate.
1999~2000 WuHan, HuaZhong Normal University, School of Literature, studied Comparative Literature and World Literature and obtained a certificate of MA degree-course completion.
2001~2002  the Netherlands, Leiden University, studied British Literature as an MA student in the Faculty of Arts and attained an MA degree. (exchanging program between Chinese government and Leiden University)

Major Publications: Journal Articles

  1. Danling Liu. “Irony in Jane Austin’s Emma” .Journal of NorthWest University, Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition, 2003,3.
  2. Danling Liu,“The Function of Musical Technique In Highlighting The Theme of Hardy’s The Return Of The Native”.Journal of Shaanxi Normal University, (Philosophy and Social Science edition.), 2001.
  3. Danling Liu. “A Passage to India: The Futility of Babel—The Analysis of the theme of Separateness in A Passage to India ”.Foreign Literatures (Beijing University) 2003, 3.
  4. Danling Liu. “Leading to Spiritual Home—The Analysis of Gender in Horwards End ”.Foreign Literature Studies, 2003.
  5. Danling Liu, “The Interpretation of James Joyce’s Araby with the Theory of Narratology”. Journal of WeiNan Teachers College, 2002.
  6. Danling Liu, Shuchun Li. “Pursuit of Power, Father’s Identity and the Identification of Father—A Psychoanalysis of King Lear”.Journal Of Foreign Language Education, 2007
  7. Danling Liu (first writer), “The Structures of Feministic Narration of Shakespeare And Others” Shakespeare In the Eyes Of Chinese Scholars, Chinese WenLian Publisher, Beijing, 2007.

Awards / honors:

  1. 1987, First prize in Teaching Competition, LiaoNing Teacher’s College of Foreign Languages.
  2. 1999, Prize of The Best Seller awarded by Chinese University Publishers for the Book Acquiring A Copiousness of 5,000 words Through Reading (Published by Xian JiaoTong University Press), 1996