The code of our non-i.i.d. noise modeling method is released 2019-06-05
One paper on application of tensor sparsity is accepted by TNNLS 2019-05-25
One paper on non-iid noise modeling is accepted by TNNLS 2019-05-01
Three papers are accepted by CVPR 2019 2019-02-26
One paper on blind hyperspectral unmixing is accepted by TIP 2019-01-08
The demo code of our lesion detection algorithm is released. Welcome to use. 2018-12-18
One noise modeling paper on lesion detection is accepted by TMI 2018-12-04
祝贺明晗,仕琪,谢琦获得国家奖学金 2018-10-18
Our survey paper on small sample learning has been released on arxiv 2018-08-15
The code of our LRTDTV method for HSI denoising is released. Welcome to use. 2018-07-26
Our paper on convergence theory of SPL is accepted by Information Sciences 2018-06-06
One paper on SPL application on few example object detection is accepted by TPAMI 2018-06-02
We present a new theoretical understanding for SPL under concave conjugacy theory 2018-05-23
The code of our Multiscale-CSC method for rain removal is released. Welcome to use. 2018-05-03
Two papers are accepted by CVPR 2018 2018-02-22
One paper on hyper-spectral image classification has been accepted by TIP 2018-01-12
所指导的中学生吴一凡同学荣获2017年“英才论坛”全国优秀学员 2018-01-10
参加“人工智能青年科学家论坛”并做会议报告 2017-12-15
参加CCF-CV走进华北电力大学活动并作误差建模主题报告 2017-12-07
组织“CCF-CV走进西安交通大学”报告会 2017-11-23
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