The code of our CT denoising method is released. Welcome to use. 2017-10-30
The codes of our KBR-based methods for MSI denoising, TC & RPCA are released. Welcome to use. 2017-10-30
The code of our Self-paced Cotraining method is released. Welcome to use. 2017-10-23
参加“新一代人工智能与深度学习”国际研讨会并做self-paced cotraining主题报告 2017-10-20
Our paper on noise modeling on CT is accepted by TMI 2017-10-18
参加BigDIA国际会议并作误差建模主题报告 2017-09-18
Our paper on CT reconstruction by KBR tensor sparsity is accepted by TMI 2017-08-31
The code of our P-MoG method for Video Rain Removal is released 2017-08-19
小组误差建模方面的工作得到FCS公众号的推送 2017-08-17
参加中国科协青年论坛 – 可视媒体计算中的人工智能并做报告 2017-08-08
参加CCFAI 2017会议并做误差建模主题的大会报告 2017-08-03
The code of our proposed online MoG LRMF method is released 2017-08-02
Three papers are accepted in ICCV 2017 2017-07-17
参加山西大学举办的大数据分析与挖掘研究生暑期学校并做专题报告 2017-07-16
One paper on tensor sparsity is accepted by TPAMI 2017-07-12
One paper on noise modeling is accepted by TPAMI 2017-07-08
One paper on SP-cotraining is accepted by ACM MM, 2017 2017-07-03
参加第四届CCF YOCSEF天津研究生学术会议并作误差建模主题报告 2017-07-02
微软亚洲研究院创研论坛 CVPR 2017 论文分享会并做报告 2017-06-16
Our SPL insight work is accepted by Information Sciences 2017-05-26
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