参加第四届CCF YOCSEF天津研究生学术会议并作误差建模主题报告 2017-07-02
微软亚洲研究院创研论坛 CVPR 2017 论文分享会并做报告 2017-06-16
Our SPL insight work is accepted by Information Sciences 2017-05-26
在西电举行的“深度学习与大数据感知”研讨会做张量稀疏性主题报告 2017-05-25
与港中文联合参加国际数据融合大赛并获奖信息被多家媒体报道 2017-05-19
研究小组关于张量稀疏性方面的科普介绍文章刊登于最新一期“计算机视觉专委简报” 2017-05-16
One paper of our research group on self-paced cotraining has been accepted by ICML 2017-05-14
在NCIIP会议做误差建模主题的大会报告 2017-05-14
参加CCF-CV走进东南大学活动并作误差建模主题报告 2017-05-13
参加CCF启智会首期活动 2017-04-22
参加VALSE会议并在FCS论坛作误差建模主题报告 2017-04-21
We achieved the top 4 score in the IEEE GRSS Data Fusion Contest over 800 submissions 2017-04-10
We have proved the convergence property of SPL 2017-04-01
The code of our proposed non-iid noise modeling method is released 2017-03-15
One coauthor paper on self-paced learning is accepted by CVPR2017 2017-03-01
One paper on noise modeling is accepted by TC 2017-02-15
1篇文章入选ESI高被引论文,2篇文章入选ESI热点论文 2017-01-16
One coauthor paper on self-paced learning is accepted by TPAMI 2017-01-05
One paper on weakly supervised object localization has been accepted in TC 2016-12-29
在太原十二中,四十八中为中学生做机器学习主题的科普报告 2016-12-06
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