We have proved the convergence property of SPL 2017-04-01
The code of our proposed non-iid noise modeling method is released 2017-03-15
One coauthor paper on self-paced learning is accepted by CVPR2017 2017-03-01
One paper on noise modeling is accepted by TC 2017-02-15
1篇文章入选ESI高被引论文,2篇文章入选ESI热点论文 2017-01-16
One coauthor paper on self-paced learning is accepted by TPAMI 2017-01-05
One paper on weakly supervised object localization has been accepted in TC 2016-12-29
在太原十二中,四十八中为中学生做机器学习主题的科普报告 2016-12-06
参加“计算机视觉前沿技术及应用”研讨会并做特邀报告 2016-11-22
One IVC paper has been accepted 2016-11-19
所教授的“机器学习”课程被评为优秀研究生课程 2016-11-07
参加MLA 2016,并在TCP环节中做短汇报 2016-11-06
参加长沙举办的BigDIA会议并作会议报告 2016-10-21
祝贺我的硕士彭江军获得国家奖学金 2016-10-14
参加“大数据的类脑计算与深度学习”并就误差建模主题做学术报告 2016-10-14
研究小组关于误差建模方面的科普介绍文章刊登于最新一期“人工智能学会通讯” 2016-10-01
We have successfully orginized CCCV2017 Special Issue in Neurocomputing 2016-09-26
担任SCI期刊Frontiers of Computer Science 青年AE 2016-09-26
The InfAR Dataset is released. Welcome to use. 2016-07-20
One paper on noise modeling has been accepted in TIP 2016-07-14
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