在长安大学做邀请报告 2015-06-15
在ICCMS大会上做报告 2015-06-07
参加陕西省数学会2015学术年会并做报告 2015-05-24
祝贺赵季文章插图被选中作为本期Neural Computation的封面图 2015-05-21
欢迎前来参加中国机器学习与计算机视觉盛会VALSE2015 2015-05-06
参与“面向大数据应用的智能计算研讨会”并作报告 2015-04-19
Welcome to utilize our newly proposed method for spatial and temporal geographic image fusion 2015-03-27
Welcome to utilize our polished Matlab code of the TDL method for Multi-spectral image denoising 2015-03-26
Welcome to use our efficient FastMMD method for the two-sample test task 2015-03-15
The codes of our SPCL and SPLD methods are available 2015-02-27
Two self-paced learning papers have been accepted by AAAI 2015 2015-01-16
One paper is accepte by Neural Computation 2015-01-09
One paper is accepted by TNNLS 2015-01-09
One paper is accepted by Neurocomputing 2015-01-09
Our 2013 ICCV MoG code is now available 2015-01-09
Our RPCA code for small target detection is now available 2015-01-07
参与“异构大数据的机器学习”研讨会并作报告 2014-12-15
One paper is acceptd by NIPS 2014 2014-11-26
参与“大数据智能感知、学习与计算研讨会”并做学术报告 2014-10-07
Our ACM MM2014 paper achieves the best result on MED Ex0 task 2014-09-19
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