One paper on interpretable deep network is accepted by TPAMI 2020-08-05
The code of our ECCV2020 work on Real Noise Generator is released. 2020-07-14
Three papers are accepted by ECCV 2020 2020-07-03
The code of our RCDNet for image rain removal is released 2020-06-12
One paper on a new regularization for HSI is accepted by TIP 2020-05-24
One paper on self-paced co-training is accepted by JMLR 2020-04-19
Two CVPR papers have been accepted 2020-02-28
The code of our active learning CNN method for HSI classification is released. 2020-02-04
One paper on HSI classification is accepted by TGRS 2020-01-03
A comprehensive Derain Repository is released. 2019-09-19
The code of our meta-weight-net is released. Welcome to use. 2019-09-10
The code of our variational denoising network is released. Welcome to use. 2019-09-06
Two papers of our group are accepted by NeurIPS2019 2019-09-04
The code of our multi-band noise modeling method for HSI restoration is released. Welcome to use. 2019-08-14
Our paper on pairwise semantic segmentation is accepted by MICCAI 2019 as an oral paper 2019-08-13
The code of our proposed HSIFusionNet is released. Welcome to use. 2019-06-20
The code of our proposed semi-supervised image rain removal method is released. Welcome to use. 2019-06-20
The code of our non-i.i.d. noise modeling method is released 2019-06-05
One paper on application of tensor sparsity is accepted by TNNLS 2019-05-25
One paper on non-iid noise modeling is accepted by TNNLS 2019-05-01
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