Basic Information

 Gao Yun

Basic Information of Education
1978, 7 Undergraduate from Xi’an International Studies University
♦ 1991, 1~8 Further Study in TESL in Nottingham University In England.
♦ 1992~1995 Vice dean of the College English Teaching & Research  in Xi’an Medical University
♦ 1995~2000 Dean of the College English Teaching & Research Faculty in Xi’an Medical University
♦ 2000~2005 Vice director of the Experimental Center for College English Teaching in XJTU. 
♦ 2000~2008 Supervisor for postgraduate students, 15 up to the present
♦  Associate Professor of  the Experimental Center for College English Teaching
♦ Supervisor for postgraduate students of School of International Studies, XJTU
♦  Responsible for the teaching and organizing work of College English
♦  Responsible for training and instructing Young Teachers
♦   College English Teaching and research for non-English majors (for 30 years)
♦  Setting up the project of the 2nd Class learning specializing in cultivating students’ learning autonamy
Scientific Research
♦  scientific research mainly in the field of Applied Linguistics and Teaching Methodology.
♦  Principle of the project on Second Class Construction of College English (05--07) in XJTU.
♦  Principle of Choice Course project on English Speaking (06--08) in XJTU.
♦  Editor in chief of 6 text books
♦  Quite a few academic paper published in Foreign Language Education and in Journal of XISU.
♦  2001, 2003~2007 Six Awards for Annual Excellent Worker in Xi’an Jiaotong University
♦  2002 Wang Kuancheng Award for the achievement of teaching in XJTU
♦  2006 University Award for “ the Eleventh Five-year-Plan Design of Textbooks in XJTU.
♦  2008 University Award for the achievement of teaching
Improving the Students English Listening and Speaking Ability

Strengthening the Second Classroom Teaching
 Improving the Students English Listening and Speaking Ability
     The College English Teaching Centor of the School of International Studies has effectively carried out a second English class for students’ creative thinking, hands-on learning and self-learning ability, especially in listening and speaking.In the past five years, kinds of interesting activities (English Speech Contest、English Debating、English Writing Competition、English Corner、Case Analysis and so forth) have been set up in the Second Class. Students in the competitions have achieved fairly good results. Through the second class teaching, the students’ vision becomes broad, their interest in individual study and ability in learing autonomy have improved remarkably.