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教授 博士生导师 (理学院)



陈光德 教授
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    陈光德教授在国内外期刊共发表论文100余篇,其中SCI收录论文80余篇,近30篇发表在Applied Physics Letters, Physical Review B, Journal of Applied Physics等物理学国际著名期刊。截止2018年12月共被引用1100余次,其中三篇论文的单篇引用次数超过百次。




•  Guo Lu’an , Wang Yitao, Kaya Dogan, Palmer Richard E, Chen Guangde, Guo Quanmin. Orientational Epitaxy of van der Waals Molecular Heterostructures [J]. Nano Letters, 2018, 18(8): 5257-5261.

•  Duan xiangyang, Ma Chao, Jin Wentao, et al. The stabilization mechanism and size effect of nonpolar-to-polar crystallography facet tailored ZnO nano/micro rods via a top-down strategy [J]. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018, 20(27): 18455-18462.

•  Han Han, Wu Yelong, Ma Chao. Optimization Design of a Multibusbar Structure: The Using of a Conductive Belt [J]. International Journal of Photoenergy, 2018.

•  Su Zhicheng, Ye Honggang (co-first), Z. Xiong, Q. Lou, Z. Zhang, F. Tang, J.Y. Tang, J.Y. Dai, C.X. Shan, and S.J. Xu, Understanding and manipulating luminescence in carbon nanodots, Carbon 126, 58 (2018).

• Ye Honggang, Su Zhicheng, Tang Fei, Bao Yitian, Lao Xiangzhou et al. Probing defects in ZnO by persistent phosphorescence. Opto-Electronic Advances 1, 180011 (2018).

• Lao Xiangzhou, Yang Zhi, Su Zhicheng, Wang Zilan, Ye Honggang, Wang Minqiang, Yao Xi, and Xu Shijie, Luminescence and thermal behaviors of free and trapped excitons in cesium lead halide perovskite nanosheets, Nanoscale 10, 9949 (2018).




•  Jin Wentao, Chen Guangde, Duan Xiangyang, et al. Adsorption behavior of formaldehyde on ZnO (10(1)over-bar0) surface: A first principles study [J]. Applied Surface Science, 2017, 423:451-456.

•  Yin Yuan, Huang Yang, Wu Yelong, et al. Exploring Emerging Photovoltaic Materials Beyond Perovskite: The Case of Skutterudite [J]. Chemistry of Materials, 2017, 29(21): 9429-9435.

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•  Ye Honggang, Su Zhicheng, Tang Fei, Wang Mingzheng, Chen Guangde, Wang Jian and Xu Shijie. Excitation Dependent Phosphorous Property and New Model of the Structured Green Luminescence in ZnO. Scientific Reports 7:41460, 2017.

•  Ye Honggang, Su Zhicheng, Tang Fei, Chen Guangde, Wang Jian, Xu Ke and Xu Shijie. Role of Free Electrons in Phosphorescence in N-Type Wide Bandgap Semiconductors. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19:30332–30338, 2017.

•   Ye Honggang, Su Zhicheng, Tang Fei, Zheng Changcheng, Chen Guangde, Wang Jian and Xu Shijie. Extinction of the Zero-Phonon Line and the First-Order Phonon Sideband in Excitonic Luminescence of ZnO at Room Temperature: The Self-Absorption Effect. Science Bulletin 62:1525–1529, 2017.

•   Ma, Xiaoman, Ye Honggang*, Duan Xiangyang, Li Chu, Li Gaoming and Xu Shijie. Abnormal gas pressure sensitivity of the visible emission in ZnO quantum dots prepared by improved sol–gel method: the role of surface polarity. RSC Advances 7:29992–29997, 2017.

•   Zhou Xiao-yun, Ye Hong-gang*, Huang Ao and Lu Zhi-peng. Direct Evidences of Shallow Donor Level Enhanced Green Emission in ZnO Quantum Dots. Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis 37:624–628, 2017.




•  Li Chan, Zhang Yu-Yang, Pennycook Timoty J, et al. Column-by-column observation of dislocation motion in CdTe: Dynamic scanning transmission electron microscopy [J]. Applied Physics Letters, 2016, 109(14):143107.

•  Yin Yuan, Chan Guangde, Duan Xiangyang, et al. First-principles study on native point defects of cubic cuprite Ag2O [J]. Journal of Applied Physics, 2016, 120(21):215707.

•  Gaoming Li, Jingwen Zhang, Guangde Chen, et al. Enhancement of photo-response via surface plasmon resonance induced by Ag nano-particles embedded in ZnO. Solid-State Electronics, 2016, 123:33-37.

•   Xiangyang Duan, Guangde Chen, Chu Li, et al. Tailoring the surface of ZnO nanorods into corrugated nanorods via a selective chemical etch method. Nanotechnology, 2016, 27(29):295601.

•   Yuan Yin, Guangde Chen , Honggang Ye, et al. A novel anion interstitial defect structure in zinc-blende materials: A first-principles study. Europhysics Letters, 2016, 114(3):36001.

•  Wendeng Huang, Guangde Chen, Zhaolin Yuan, et al. Ternary mixed crystal effects on interface optical phonon and electron-phonon coupling in zinc-blende GaN/Al x Ga 1− x N spherical quantum dots. Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, 2016, 76:164-168.

•  Li Shao, Honggang Ye, Yelong Wu, et al. Interaction between phosphorene and the surface of a substrate. Materials Research Express, 2016, 3(2):025013.




•   Xiangyang Duan, Guangde Chen, Lu’an Guo, et al. A template-free CVD route to synthesize hierarchical porous ZnO films. Superlattices & Microstructures, 2015, 88:501-507.

•   Lu’an Guo, Guangde Chen, Youzhang Zhu, et al. The growth of Sea-urchin-like AlN nanostructures by modified CVD and their Field Emission properties. Journal of Crystal Growth, 2015, 426:49-53.

•   Yelong Wu, Guangde Chen, Youzhang Zhu, et al. LDA+ U /GGA+ U, calculations of structural and electronic properties of CdTe: Dependence on the effective U, parameter. Computational Materials Science, 2015, 98:18-23.

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•  Wendeng Huang, Guangde Chen, Honggang Ye, et al. Ternary effects on the optical interface phonons in onion-like GaN/Al x Ga 1− x N quantum dots. Physics Letters A, 2014, 378(32-33):2443-2448.

•  Li Shao, Guangde Chen, Honggang Ye, et al. Sulfur dioxide molecule sensors based on zigzag graphene nanoribbons with and without Cr dopant. Physics Letters A, 2014, 378(7–8):667-671.

•  Haibo Niu, Guangde Chen, Yelong Wu, et al. Influence of vacancy on spontaneous polarization of wurtzite AlN: a maximally localized Wannier function study. Acta Physica Sinica -Chinese Edition-, 2014, 63(16):319-323.




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InxGa1-xN/GaN quantum wells" Journal of Applied Physics, 112, 053704(2012); pdfPDF

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颜国君,陈光德,固相复分解合成纳米AlN的方法,中华人民共和国发明专利,专利号:ZL2005 1 0042985.5,2007年5月.


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