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All groups not in the following list should give the presentation on Dec 26. 


For your presentation

Group Job

Selecting Papers from CCF Paper List, A class,

Related to wireless network and mobile computing, published within 3 years!

Especially : OSDI, Sigcomm, Mobicom, NSDI, S&P, Mobisys, Sensys, Mobihoc, ICNP...


For your assignment

Individual Job

Submit a Survey 

>=10 A4 pages, double columns, < 10 point font, with standard margins
A template is here.

Survey examples: 

Daniel Halperin, Wenjun Hu, Anmol Shethy, and David Wetherall, 802.11 with Multiple Antennas for Dummies, 2010 


Topic scope: Wireless network and mobile computing


Presentation Arrangement

李沛 Security 16th Oct    
 Hussain Bilala Anomaly Detection in Mobile Wireless Networks16th Oct    
 朱印涛 Vehicular19th Oct    
梅凡Visible light communication19th Oct    
 刘文杰 OS19th Oct    
王小宇Privacy23th Oct    
沈植元 Networking23th Oct    
 吴天杰 APP23th Oct    
 南方 Energy26th Oct    
 郭翔宇 Localization,navigation,tracking26th Oct    
 于涵 App26th Oct    
 成静贤 Security26th Oct    
 靳建波、姚昀 RFID30th Oct    
 Gull Rao Muhammad Faizan RFID30th Oct     
 Khan Tayyab Ali LiFi30th Oct    
 Mohzowireless access2nd Nov    
 张银辉 Mobile Cloud,Edge computing2nd Nov    
 戴梓怡Mobile and wireless devices(smart galsses,wristband,smart watch,sensors,other gadgets)2nd Nov    
 何旭 Sensing,detection,RF,imaging2nd Nov