Basic Information

 Wang Hongli

Ph.D of English Language and Literature
Professor of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
School of Foreign Studies
Xi’an Jiaotong University
No.28, Xianning West Road,
Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710049, P.R. China
Phone: 86 13992816528
Reasearch Areas
  • Corpus-based Research on Public Opinion and National Image
  • Studies on America and Europe
  • Overseas Dissemination of Chinese Literary Works
  • Critical Cognitive Discourse Analysis
  • Text linguistics
  • International Political Linguistics

Educational Experience

Ph.D in English Language and Literature. March 2011. Shanghai International Studies University;
MA in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. June 1998. Xian Jiaotong University;
BA in English for Science and Technology. July 1993. Xian Jiaotong University.




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[1] I am the corresponding author.

[2] the authorative journal, ranked the 2nd among total 11 CSSCI (Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index) journals of Foreign Languages

[3] the authorative journal, ranked the 4th among total 11 CSSCI journals of Foreign Languages

[4] Chinese Core Journal

[5] CSSCI Journal

Major Research Programs:

1.     Presider Research on Influencing Factors of Foreign Language Online Learning Effectiveness Based on Big Datasponsored by China Foreign Language Education Fund (2020- ).

2.      Presider  Research on Social Network Public Opinion of Hot Issues in Europe from the Perspective of Big Datasponsored by Xi’an Jiaotong University(2020- ).

3.     Presider  Research on Sino-Europe Relations, sponsored by Ministry of  Foreign Affairs of China (2019- 2020).

4.      Presider  Research on Influence of The Western Internet on Tibet-related Public Opinion, sponsored by National Ethnic Affairs Commission of China (2018-2019 ).

5.     PresiderResearch on Online Public Opinions about China’s Rise from the Perspective of Comprehensive Publicity, sponsored by National Social Science Foundation of China (2017- ).

6.     PresiderReform and Practice of Graduate English Teaching Based on Fostering All-around Abilities, funded by The Key Program of Graduate English Teaching Reform of  Xi’an JiaoTong University (2017-2018 ).

7.     PresiderResearch on Interpersonal Meaning in Medical Academic Lexical Bundles Based on Appraisal Theory, funded by Humanities and Social Fund of  Xi’an JiaoTong University (2015-2017).

8.     Presider, An EBSCO-based Cultivation Model of Academic Literacies for Graduate Students, sponsored by Fund of Graduate Teaching Reform of Xi’an Jiaotong University (2015-2016).

9.     PresiderAn Empirical Study on Short-term Training of High School English Teachers in Xi’an, sponsored by Xi’an Social Science Planning Fund (2014-2015).

10.     PresiderAn Investigation of the Diversified Promotion Model of Graduate Students’ English Academic Communication Competence, sponsored by Shaanxi 12th Five-Year Planning Project Fund (2013-2014).

11.     Presider, Quality Course Construction of Advanced English Writing, sponsored by Fund of Graduate Teaching Reform of Xi’an Jiaotong University (2013-2015).

12.   Presider, Textbook Construction of General Academic Communication Written English for Graduate Students, sponsored by Fund of Graduate Teaching Reform of Xi’an Jiaotong University (2013-2015).

13.    PresiderResearch on the Correlation Between Advertisement and Political Campaign Speeches, funded by Humanities and Social Fund of  Xi’an JiaoTong University (2011-2013).

14.   Major participant, Corpus-based Research on Europeanized Translation, sponsored by Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Fund(2009-2012) .

15.   Major participant, Reform and Practice of Graduate English Teaching Based on Fostering Ability of Application, sponsored by Fund of Graduate Teaching Reform of Xi’an Jiaotong University (2009-2010).

16.   Major participant, Quality Course Construction of Applicable Graduate English in Xi’an Jiaotong University (2009-2010).

17.   Presider, Quality Course Construction of College Spoken English in Xi’an Jiaotong University, (2006-2008).

18.   Presider, Online Learning Autonomy of Foreign Language Stud , funded by Humanities and Social Fund of  Xi’an JiaoTong University (2004-2006).

19.   Major participant, Research on the Relationship Between Language and Culture in Foreign Language Teaching, funded by Humanities and Social Fund of  Xi’an JiaoTong University (2003-2005).


Honor and Awards:

1.    Second Prize: Teaching Achievement Award  in Shaanxi. (2018)

2.    First Prize: The 15th Teaching Achievement Award. (2017)

3.     Outstanding staff awardThe Fourth Postgraduate English Speech Contest in Northwest China. (2015)

4.    Second Prize: The 14th Teaching Achievement Award of Xi’an JiaoTong University. (2015)

5.    Third Prize: Outstanding Achievement Award in the Study of Foreign Language Education for Graduate Students in Shaanxi. (2011)

6.    Third Prize: Outstanding Achievement Award in the Field of Humanities and Social Sciences in Shaanxi University. (2009)

7.    First Prize: Outstanding Achievement Award in the Study of Foreign Language Education for Graduate Students in Shaanxi. (2009)

8.    Second Prize: The 10th Teaching Achievement Award of Xi’an JiaoTong University. (2006)