(1.)Basic Information

Name: Liu Heng

Degree: Doctor of Engineering
Title: Professor, Ph.D.
Date of birth: 1970.1
Birthplace: Xi'an, Shaanxi
Unit: School of Mechanical Engineering, Lubrication Theory and Bearing Research Institute
Office location: Xingqing Campus, 1325, 3rd Floor, Center
      In recent years, as the main author, more than 120 academic papers have been published in top journals such as ASME JVA, IMECHE PART C, PART J, Journal of Mechanics, Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Journal of Friction, Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University, etc. (including SCI/EI) More than 90 publications; 3 monographs; more than 20 US patents and national invention patents; more than 10 software copyrights; hosted and participated in the past 5 years including natural science fund surface/key projects, 973 projects, 863 major/focus 14 projects of national, major national machine tool projects, national defense pre-research projects, horizontal projects of enterprises and research institutes (including 8 of them), total project funding of more than 24 million yuan (of which, I bear the funds More than 800 million yuan).


Deputy Director, Lubrication Theory and Bearing Research Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Member of Academic Committee of State Key Laboratory of Aviation Precision Bearings


1987.09-1991.07, Department of Engineering Mechanics, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Bachelor of Applied Mechanics

1991.09-1994.07, School of Architecture and Mechanics, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Master of Solid Mechanics (Instructor: Professor Chen Shaoting)
1995.09-1998.12, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Instructor: Academician Yao Fusheng, Academician Xie Youbai, Professor Yu Lie)


Currently serving as a reviewer for several academic journals at home and abroad.

2017 Excellent Reviewer of Mechanical Engineering Journal
During the period of study, he received the award of Tang Zhaoqian Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award, Tang Zhaoqian Outstanding Master's Thesis Award, and Tang Zhaoqian Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award.

(5.)Scientific Research

Direction 1: Mechanical equipment / structural design theory and simulation analysis method (mechanical design and  theory)

                   1. Finite element calculation of mechanical structure stress/strain, stiffness/strength, modality/response, etc.
                   2. Rotor dynamics theory, analysis method and its application in large complex rotating machinery
                   3. Design theory and analysis method of various bearings such as sliding, rolling and electromagnetic
                   4. Mechanical joint surface theory, calculation method and its application in design of tie rod rotor and machine tool
                   5. Multi-physics analysis of temperature field, thermo-solid coupling, electromagnetic field and magnetic circuit coupling of mechanical structure/equipment
                   6. Nonlinear vibration calculation method and its application in solving engineering problems


Direction 2: Testing of mechanical quantities in mechanical equipment and related testing techniques(mechanical and electronic engineering)

                   1. Testing, analysis and experimental research on mechanical equipment/structural vibration and special (including new ultrasonic technology)
                   2. Design theory, simulation analysis and experiment of on-line dynamic balance head of rotating machinery
                   3, contact stiffness, stress and strain, electric spindle temperature rise, tool flutter, lubricant film and other new measurement technology and test
                   4. Mechanical and electrical equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis theory, instrument development and system test



 《Mechanical System Dynamics - Rotor Dynamics》,《 Finite Element Method and CAE Software》etc.


Phone: 029-82669149

E-mail: hengliu@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
Communication: No. 28, Xianning West Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China, 710049