(1.)Basic Information

Jidong Liang, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Department of Environmental Engineering, Associate Professor


I’ve taught 11 years and the courses I taught include Wastewater Pollution Control,Solid Waste Disposal and Recycle, Environment and Ecology Protection and so on.

(5.)Scientific Research

Research Interests:

  • Organic contaminant biodegradation and biotransformation;
  • Environmental remediation technology;
  • Industrial water saving and wastewater treatment technology;
  • Anaerobic treatment technology of organic wastewater;

 The scientific project I am leading and participating
 Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities – Based on the technology of stable isotope to study on the processes of bioremediation for petroleum in loess soil (2014-2016, leading).
 Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Frozen Soil Engineering of China (Gant No. SKLFSE201206)-Study on the biodegradation and bioremediation of petroleum in seasonal frozen soil (2013-2015, leading).
 Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities - Study on the Combination of electrical chemistry method and bio-techniques to treat the key pollutant DCS in recycling water of regenerated pulp and paper making (2011-2013, leading).
 Science and Technology Plan of Shaanxi province in China (Gant No. 2011KTZB03-03-01)(2012-2014, participating)
 National Special Science and Technology Project of Water Pollution Control - Technology Integration and Project Demonstration of Heavily Polluting Industries Water Pollution Control in Guanzhong Paragraph of the Wei Drainage (2009 -2013, participating).
 Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation—Study on integration theory and its application of the normalization system of coupling transfer process (2010-2013, participating).
 Project of National Natural Science Foundation for Young Researcher (Gant No. 20907036) - Study on the biodegradation theory of the key pollutant DCS in recycling water of regenerated pulp and paper making(2010-2012, leading).
 Key project of National Natural Science Foundation (2004-2008)-Systematic Scientific Problems in the Process of Eco-Industry.
 Special Science and Technology Project in Shaanxi Province (2006-2009) - Wastewater Zero-discharge Technology Research and Demonstration Projects in Regenerated Paper Industry
 Revision of Local Wastewater Discharge Standards and Amendment of Pollution Control Technology of Pulp and Paper Industry in Shaanxi Province. (2005-2007).

Main Publication Articles
[1] Dan Shao, Jidong Liang*, Xiaomin Cui, Hao Xu, Wei Yan, Electrochemical oxidation of lignin by two typical electrodes: Ti/Sb-SnO2 and Ti/PbO2, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2014,published on line, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cej.2014.01.074 (SCI,IF=3.691)
[2] Xiaomin Cui1, Jidong Liang*, Dongqi Wang. Optimization of Integrated Electrochemical Oxidation and Biodegradation (EO-BD) for Kraft Lignin. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2014 (Accepted, SCI, IF=2.504)
[3]Jidong Liang, Christopher Olivaresa, Jim A. Field, Reyes Sierra-Alvarez. Microbial toxicity of the insensitive munitions compound, 2, 4-dinitroanisole (DNAN), and its aromatic amine metabolites. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2013, 262:281-287(SCI,IF=4.679)
[4] Christopher Olivares, Jidong Liang, Leif Abrell, Reyes Sierra-Alvarez, Jim A. Field. Pathways of reductive 2, 4-dinitroanisole (DNAN) biotransformation in sludge. Biotechnology and Bioengineering,2013, 110 (6): 1595-1604(SCI:132ZS,IF=3.946)
[5] Dongqi Wang, Yishan Lin, Wenjing Du, Jidong Liang*, Youfeng Ning. Optimization and Characterization of Lignin Biodegradation Process by a Bacterial Strain Sphingobacterium sp. HY-H. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation.2013, 85: 265-371(SCI, IF=2.442)
[6] Dongqi Wang, Yanling He, Jidong Liang, Pei Liu, Pengyu Zhuang. Distribution and Source Analysis of Aluminum in Rivers near Xi’an City, China. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2013, 185: 1041–1053 ( SCI,IF=1.592)
[7] Liang Jidong, He Yanling, Zhu Jinwei, Du Wenjing. Accumulation of Dissolved and Colloidal Substances in Water Recycled During Papermaking. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2011, 168 (2):604-609 (SCI:758BE,IF=3.691)
[8] Zhou qixing, Wang Meie, Liang Jidong. Ecological detoxification of methamidophos by earthworms in phaiozem co-contaminated with acetochlor and copper. Applied Soil Ecology, 2008, 40(1):138-145. (SCI:351HA, IF=2.11)
[9] Zhou QX, Zhang QR, Liang JD. Toxic effects of acetochlor and methamidophos on earthworm Eisenia fetida in phaiozem, northeast China. Jounal of Environmental Sciences China, 2006, 18 (4): 741-745 ( SCI:063VQ, IF=1.773)
[10] Liang Jidong, Zhou Qixing. Single and binary-combined toxicity of methamidophos, acetochlor and copper acting on earthworms Esisenia foelide. Bull Environ Contamiand Toxicol, 2003, 71(6):1158~1166.
[1] Jidong Liang, Wenjing Du, Yanling He, Dai Weina. Study on the anaerobic biodegradability of Dissolved and Colloidal Substance in wastewater of recycled paper making. The International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Public Health (EPPH2011),1-4. 2011, 5 (EI: 12106874)
[2]Zhongxuan Liu, Jidong Liang*, Wenjing Du, Dongqi Wang, Yanling He.Study on the Aerobic Biodegradation of Lignin by Activated Sludge Reactor.2011 International Symposium on Water Resource and Environmental Protection. 2011, 9. 1999-2002 (EI: 12070709)
[3] Pei Liu, Jidong Liang*, Wei Gao. Investigation of Petroleum Contamination on Soil in Baota district of Yan’an. Academic Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University,2011, 45(7):123-128 (in Chinese, EI: 20105013489246)
[4] Pengyu Zhuang, Qian Li, Jidong Liang*,He Yanling. Eco-toxicological effects of typical petroleum pollutant naphthalene on corn in the loess soil. Academic Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University,2010,44(11):119-124. (in Chinese, EI:20113114207636)
[5] Liang Jidong,He Yanling,Zhao Xudong, Wang guodong. Pinch Technology Reduces Wastewater at a Paper Mill, Environmental Pollution and Public Health Track, 2008, 5: 2753-2756(EI: 10049820)
Other publications:
[1] Jidong Liang, Yanling He, Guodong Wang,Weina Dai. Investigation of DCS in the Recycling Water of a Regenerated Paper Making Mill. China Pulp & paper, 2011.5,6-10.(in Chinese)
[2] Jidong Liang, Yanling He, Weina Dai, Jinwei Zhu. Study on the Accumulation of Pollutants of Recycling Water in Regenerated Papermaking Mills. International Conference for Resource Environment and Informatics Technology 2010. August19-21, 2010, 236-242.
[3] Jidong Liang, Yanling He, Guodong Wang,Weina Dai. Biodegradability of Dissolved and Colloidal Substance in Recycling Water of Regenerated Paper Making. Environmental Science Research, 2010,23(7):953-957. (in Chinese)
[4] Jidong Liang,Yanling He,Weina Dai, Guodong Wang. Study on the Anaerobic Biodegradability of Dissolved and Colloidal Substance. The International Workshop on Strategy for Anaerobic Biotechnology. Xi’an, China. 2009.11: 231-238
[5] Jidong Liang,Yanling He,Zhibin Lei, Qing Qing. Study on Restrictive Water Quality Parameters for Closed Recycling Water in the Recycled Fiber Mills. China Pulp & paper,2009,28(1):1-7. (in Chinese)
[6] Liang Jidong,He Yanling,Liu Yonghong. Integration of Water-Using Networks in a Paper Mill, International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 2008, 15 (supplement 1):44-50.
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[11] Jidong Liang,Qixing Zhou. Effects of Methamidophos and Copper on Ecological Detoxification of Acetochlor by Earthworm in Phaeozem.Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology,2006,17(10):1958-1962. (in Chinese)
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Compile of Chapters in Books
[1] Yunhai Wang, Shucheng Yang, Jidong Liang, Yu Zhang.2013. Experiments for wastewater pollution control, Xi 'an Jiaotong University Press, Xi’an, China, (in Press). Chapter2: Experimental Design, Chapter3: Error and Data Analysis, Chapter4: Methods of Water Sample Taking and Storage. (in Chinese)
[2]Charles Chou,Wei Yan, Zhenxing Shen, Shucheng Yang, Pingping Liu, Jidong Liang.2010. Energy Environmental Chemistry, Xi 'an Jiaotong University Press, Xi’an, China, CHAPTER8: Soil Environmental Chemistry (pp 270-287) and CHAPTER9: Nuclear Chemistry and Security Application (pp 288-307) (in Chinese)
[3] Jinglian zhao, Pingping Liu, Jidong Liang, Zhenxing Shen.2007. Theory and Technology of Environmental Remediation, Chemical Industry Press, Beijing, China. CHAPTER5: Theory of Environmental Remediation by Plants (pp 109-127) and CHAPTER7: Remediation Technology of Soil Pollution (pp 150-204) (in Chinese)
[4] Jinglian zhao, Yong Liang, Faguo Chong, Jidong Liang, et al.. 2006. Introduction of Environmental Science.,Machinery Industry Press, Beijing, China. CHAPTER2: General Ecology (pp 33-69) and CHAPTER6: Soil Pollution Control (pp 222-246) (in Chinese)




Education background

2004.2-2009.3 Environmental Engineering: Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong Uiniversity. Xi’an, China. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. He Yan-ling.

2001.7-2003.7 Pollution Ecology: Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Science. Shenyang, China 
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Zhou Qi-xing
2000.7.2001.7 Course studying in Pollution Ecology: Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China


1996.9-.2000 .7 Environmental Science: Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China, 2000.

Abroad Study
2011.8-2012.8  Post-Doc, Department of chemical and environmental Engineering, University of Arizona. U.S.A.
Supervisor: Prof. James A. Field

10.2009-12.2009 Course training in Environmental Management - Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan, 2009.

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