Our Intelligent Vehicle Team Won IEEE ITS Institute Lead Award


The Intelligent vehicle team of Institue of Artificial Intelligent and Robotics, Xi'an Jiaotong University, led by Prof Nanning Zheng, won IEEE ITS Institute Lead Award of 2014. The award ceremony was held in Oct 9, 2014, in Qing Dao, China, during the IEEE Intelligent Transportation System Conference 2014.   Prof. Jianru Xue  recieved the award certificate from Prof. Matthew J. Barth, who is  the current president of  IEEE ITS society. He also gave the Award  Speech for the IEEE ITS Institute Lead Award in the Plenary Session in Oct 10,2014.



IEEE ITS Institute Lead Award is given annually for ITS researchers, practitioners, and research/development teams who have made significant contributions to research in ITS related fields (ITS Research Award), developed and deployed successful ITS systems or implementations (ITS Application Award), and demonstrated leadership in promoting ITS technologies (ITS Institutional Lead Award). These awards are established to recognize, promote, and publicize major research contribution, application innovations with real-world impact, and ITS institutional leadership.