Basic Information


Liangxing Li, Ph.D

Associate Professor

State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in Power Engineering(MPFL)

School of Energy and Power Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University(XJTU)


Research Interests

Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer;

Nuclear Power Safety and Thermal-Hydraulic;

Transport Phenomena in Porous Media;

Experimental Studies and Analysis on Severe Accident of Nuclear Power Plant;

Flow Boiling and Heat Transfer Enhancement.


State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in Power Engineering,Xi'an Jiaotong University

Xianning West Road 28#, Xi'an city, 710049, P.R. China

Working Experience

2013.01 -  Present     Associate Professor         State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in Power Engineering,

                                                                      Xi'an Jiaotong University, China


2012.06 - 2012.12     Research Consultant         Sehgal Consulting (Sweden)  


2010.06 - 2012.12     Senior Researcher &         Nuclear Power Safey Division,     

                               Tutor of Ph.D student        Royal Institute of Technology(Sweden, KTH/NPS)      


2008.06 - 2010.05     Postdoc.                          Nuclear Power Safey Division, 

                                                                                              Royal Institute of Technology(Sweden, KTH/NPS)


2001.09 - 2008.05       Ph.D.      Power Engineering and             State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in 

                                                        Engineering Thermophysics      Power Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University


1997.09 - 2001.07       B.S.        Thermal Engineering                    Zhanjiang Ocean University

                                                                                                                 (Rename as Guangdong Ocean University)


 《Light Water Reactor Safety》, English,  for Master & Doctor students ;


《Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection》, English,  for Master students ;


《Severe Accident Analysis for Nulear Power Plant》, Chinese,  for Master students ;


《Big Data and Data Mining Techniques for Engineering Application》, Chinese,  for Undergraduate students.

Selected Papers

1.    Liangxing LiZhihao Xu, Wei Xie, Zhengzheng Zhang.A Sensitivity Analysis of Bubble Departure Behavior in Vertical Channel Nucleate Boiling International Journal of Thermal Sciences2020.(accepted)

2.    Liangxing Li, Wei Xie, Zhengzheng Zhang, Shuanglei Zhang.Pressure drop in packed beds with horizontally or vertically stratified structure, Nuclear Engineering and Technology2020.(In press, available online May 6), 2020.

3.    Liangxing Li, Wei Xie, Zhengzheng Zhang, Shuanglei Zhang.Pressure drop in packed beds with horizontally or vertically stratified structure, Nuclear Engineering and Technology2020.

4.    Zhengzheng Zhang, Liangxing Li, Wei Xie, Huasheng Wang.Experimental study of bubble formation process on the micro-orifice in mini channels, Experimental Thermal and Fluid ScienceVol.117:110-144,2020.WOS:000537566000006

5.    Liangxing Li, Shuangbao Zhang, Kailin Wei, Wei Xie. Pressure Drops and Dryout Heat Fluxes of Packed Beds with Cylindrical Particles, Heat Transfer EngineerungVol.41(12):1-12,2019. EI2019190689 6503

6.    Liangxing Li, Kailin Wang, Shuangbao Zhang, Wei Xie. An experimental study on two-phase flow resistances and interfacial drag in packed porous bed, Nuclear Engineering and Technology ,Vol. 50(6):842-848, 2018.SCIGN8MN EI20180204619320

7.    Liangxing Li, Xumao Zou, Huasheng Wang, Shuangbao Zhang.  Investigations on two-phase flow resistances and its model modifications in a packed  bed. International Journal of Mutiphase of Flow, Vol.101, 24-34, 2018.SCIGB1SD EI20180204619320

8.    Liangxing Li, Huasheng Wang, Xumao Zou,  Liubo Kong. Flow resistancescharacteristics in a particulate bed with the configurations of uniform mixture and stratification. Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol.112, 62-70, 2018.SCIFR9QV EI20174104243566

9.    Liangxing Li, Liubo Kong, Xumao Zou, Huasheng Wang. Pressure losses and interfacial drag for two-phase flow in porous beds with coarse particles. Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol.101, 481-488, 2017. SCIEI8OU EI20165203192428

10.   Liangxing Li, Xumao Zou, JiaoJiao Lou, Huixiong Li, Xianliang Lei.  Pressure drops of single/two-phase flows through porous beds with multi-sizes spheres and sands particles. Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol.85, 290-295, 2015. SCICR5VZ EI20152400941634

11.   Sachin Thakre, Liangxing Li, Weimin Ma. An experimental study on coolability of a particulate bed with radial stratification or triangular shape.  Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol.276, 54-63, 2014. SCIAO0CM EI20142717884484

12.    N. Chikhi, O. Coindreau, LiangXing. Li, W.. Ma, V. Taivassalo, E. Takasuo, S. Leininger, R. Kulenovic, E. Laurien.  Evaluation of an effective diameter to study quenching and dry-out of complex debris bed. Annals of Nuclear EnergyVol.74, 24-41, 2014. SCIAR1IBEI20151000592919

13.    Sachin Thakre, Weimin Ma, Liangxing Li. A numerical analysis on hydrodynamics deformation of molten droplets in a water pool, Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol.53, 228-237, 2013. SCI098LG  EI20141517553804

14.    Shengjie Gong, Weimin Ma, Liangxing Li. An experimental study on the effect of liquid film thickness on bubble dynamics, Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol.51, 459-467, 2013. SCI: 104ZV EI20130215874672

15.    Liangxing Li, Weimin Ma, Sachin Thakre. An experimental study on pressure drop and dryout heat flux of two-phase flow in packed beds of multi-sized and irregular particles.  Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol.242, 369-378, 2012.  SCI 903AH EI20115214645019

16.  Liangxing Li, Shengjie Gong, Weimin Ma. Experimental study of two-phase flow regime and pressure drop in a particulate bed packed with multidiameter particles. Nuclear Technology, Vol.177, 107-118, 2012. SCI: 867HSEI: 20120214676390

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