Joural Articles

1.    Liangxing LiZhihao Xu, Wei Xie, Zhengzheng Zhang.A Sensitivity Analysis of Bubble Departure Behavior in Vertical Channel Nucleate

       Boiling International Journal of Thermal Sciences2020.(accepted)

2.    Liangxing Li, Wei Xie, Zhengzheng Zhang, Shuanglei Zhang.Pressure drop in packed beds with horizontally or vertically stratified structure, Nuclear

       Engineering and Technology2020.(In press, available online May 6), 2020.

3.    Liangxing Li, Wei Xie, Zhengzheng Zhang, Shuanglei Zhang.Pressure drop in packed beds with horizontally or vertically stratified structure, Nuclear

       Engineering and Technology2020.

4.    Zhengzheng Zhang, Liangxing Li, Wei Xie, Huasheng Wang.Experimental study of bubble formation process on the micro-orifice in mini

      channels, Experimental Thermal and Fluid ScienceVol.117:110-144,2020.WOS:000537566000006

5.         Liangxing Li, Shuangbao Zhang, Kailin Wang, Huasheng Wang, Pressure Drops and Dryout Heat Fluxes of Packed Beds with Cylindrical Particles, Heat Transfer Engineering, 41(12):1-12,2019.

6.         Liangxing Li, Wei Xie, Experimental Investigation on Pressure Drops in Fixed Porous Beds Packed with Sand Particles, Journal of Porous Media, (Accepted), 2019.

7.         Liangxing Li, Kailin Wang, Shuangbao Zhang, Xianliang Lei, An experimental study on two-phase flow resistances and interfacial drag in packed porous bed, Nuclear Engineering and Technology, 50(6):842-848, 2018. (WOS:000439417300004; IDS: GN8MN; EI: 20180204619320)

8.         Jialun Liu, Huixiong Li, Xianliang Lei, Kaikai Guo, Liangxing Li, Numerical study on the effect of pipe wall heat storage on density wave instability of supercritical water, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 335:106-115,2018.

9.         Jialun Liu, Huixiong Li, Xianliang Lei, Qing Zhang, Liangxing Li, An improved model on flow distributions of supercritical pressure water in parallel heated pipes, Applied Thermal Engineering, 130:793-803, 2018.

10.         Liangxing Li, Xumao Zou, Huasheng Wang, Shuangbao Zhang, Kailin Wang, Investigations on Two-phase Flow Resistances and Its Model Modifications in a Packed Bed, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol.101, 24-34, 2018. (WOS: 000428829600003; IDS: GB1SD ; EI: 20180204619320)

11.         Liangxing Li, Huasheng Wang, Xumao Zou, Liubo Kong, Flow Resistances Characteristics in a Particulate Bed with Configurations of Uniform Mixture and Stratification [J]. Annals of Nuclear Energy, 112:62-70, 2018. (WOS: 000419409100007; IDS: FR9QV, EI: 20174104243566).

12.         Liangxing Li, Liubo Kong, Xumao Zou, Huasheng Wang, Pressure losses and interfacial drag for two-phase flow in porous beds with coarse particles, Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol.101, 481-488, 2017. (WOS: 000392767800050IDS: EI8OUEI:20165203192428)

13.          Qing Zhang, Huixiong Li, Weiqiang Zhang, Liangxing Li, Xianliang Lei, Effect of fluid temperature on the frictional coefficient of supercritical pressure water flowing in adiabatic horizontal tube, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol.75, 189-198, 2016.SCIDK4UYEI: 20163002624662

14.       Yongchang Feng, Huixiong Li, Liangxing Li, Yifan Zhang, “Investigation of the effect of magnetic field on melting of solid gallium in a bottom-heated rectangular cavity using the lattice Boltzmann method”, Numerical Heat Transfer Part A-Applications, Vol.69, 1263-1279, 2016. SCIDM9KR EI20161902362537

15.       Yuqing Xu, Huixiong Li, Liangxing Li, Tingkuan Chen, A review of studies on the flow patterns of gas-liquid two-phase flow in vertical tubes, Development of Research in Microscale and Nanoscale Thermal and Fluid Sciences, p 153-174, January 1, 2016. [EI: 20182705436225]

16.       Liangxing Li, Xumao Zou, Jiaojiao Lou, Huixiong Li, Xianliang Lei, Pressure Drops of Single/Two-Phase Flows through Porous Beds with Multi-Sizes Spheres and Sands Particles, Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol.85, 290-295, 2015. (WOS: 000361413800029; IDS: CR5VZEI: 20152400941634)

17.       Qing Zhang, Huixiong Li, Weiqiang Zhang, Liangxing Li, Xianliang Lei, Experimental study on heat transfer to the supercritical water upward flow in a vertical tube with internal helical ribs, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.89, 1044-1053, 2015. SCICO3AV EI20153001071489

18.       Yongchang Feng, Huixiong Li, Liangxing Li, Lin Bu, Tai Wang, “Numerical investigation on the melting of nanoparticle-enhanced phase change materials (NEPCM) in a bottom-heated rectangular cavity using lattice Boltzmann method”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.81, 415-425, 2015. SCIAX5FE EI20144700212297

19.       Yifan Zhang, Huixiong Li, Liangxing Li, Tai Wang, Qing Zhang, Xianliang Lei, “A new model for studying the density wave instabilities of supercritical water flows in tubes”, Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol.75, 397-409, 2015. SCIAY0BU EI20150400455131

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22.       N. Chikhi, O. Coindreau, L.X. Li, W.M. Ma, V. Taivassalo, E. Takasuo, S. Leininger, R. Kulenovic, E. Laurien, Evaluation of an effective diameter to study quenching and dry-out of complex debris bed”, Annals of Nuclear EnergyVol.74, 24-41, 2014. SCIAR1IB EI20151000592919

23.       Yifan Zhang, Huixiong Li, Liangxing Li, Xianliang Lei, Tai Wang, “ Study on two-phase flow instabilities in internally-ribbed tubes by using frequency domain method”, Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol.65, 1-13, 2014. SCIAG0IL EI20140617269843

24.       Sachin Thakre, Weimin Ma, Liangxing Li, “A numerical analysis on hydrodynamics deformation of molten droplets in a water pool”, Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol.53, 228-237, 2013. [SCI: 098LG; IF: 0.905 EI20141517553804]

25.       Shengjie Gong, Weimin Ma, Liangxing Li, “An experimental study on the effect of liquid film thickness on bubble dynamics”, Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol.51, 459-467, 2013. [SCI: 104ZV; IF: 2.064EI20130215874672]

26.       Liangxing Li, Weimin Ma, Sachin Thakre, “An experimental study on pressure drop and dryout heat flux of two-phase flow in packed beds of multi-sized and irregular particles”, Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol.242, 369-378, 2012.  [SCI: 903AH; EI: 20115214645019]

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32.       Liangxing Li, Huixiong Li, Jinfeng Hu, et al., “Study on void fraction distribution in the moderator cell of cold neutron source systems in China Advanced Research Reactor”, Physica B, Vol.393, 336-346, 2007. [SCI: 164OD; EI: 071410533649]

33.       Liangxing Li, Huixiong Li, Tingkuan Chen and Weimin Ma, “Dynamic characteristics of molten droplets and hot particles falling in liquid pool”, Frontiers of Energy and Power Engineering in China, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp.246-251, 2010.



1.         李良星,王华胜,王凯琳,张双宝,砂石颗粒堆积床内流动特性研究,动力工程学报, 39(4):109-114, 2019.

2.         李良星,王凯琳,谢伟,张双宝,分层结构颗粒堆积床内的流动阻力特性研究,西安交通大学学报,53(7): 2019.

3.         张双宝,李良星,谢伟,王凯琳,球床式高温气冷堆堆芯三维建模及稳态热工水力分析[J],中国科学院大学学报, (已接收) 2019.

4.         邵一穷,李良星,盛天佑,多尺寸颗粒堆积多孔介质通道内流动特性研究,科技视界, 6:1-42018

5.         邹旭毛,李良星,孔刘波,王华胜,颗粒堆积床内两相流动阻力及相间摩擦力研究,上海交通大学学报,51(3), 63-68 2017. EI20172803930229

6.         李良星,邹旭毛,孔刘波,不同堆积结构颗粒床内的流动特性研究,西安交通大学学报,50(9), 49-54, 2016.EI20163802829253

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9.         李良星,李会雄,陈听宽等,熔融液滴与冷却剂相互作用实验中液滴释放控制机构研制[J],核动力工程, 29(1):42-452008 [EI: 081511195685]

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12.   王为术,李良星李会雄等,滑行过程中火箭发动机泵系统各构件温度数值模拟[J],推进技术, 26(5), 395-3972005 [EI: 05519604625]

13.      李会雄,邓晟,李良星, 蒸汽-冷流体接触冷凝流动的数值模拟[J], 工程热物理学报, 26(6), 963-966, 2005 [EI: 05499528774]

14.      王为术,罗毓珊,陈听宽,李会雄,李良星二次启动火箭发动机泵构件温度特性数值计算[J],推进技术, 26(4), 292-2952005 [EI: 05389374970]

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