Guanghu Tong’s work was published on Chem



Guanghu Tong’s work on Total Synthesis of (±)Prostratin was published on Chem(IF= 14.104)


Title: Total Synthesis of (±)Prostratin


Authors: Guanghu Tong, Zhi Liu,  Pengfei Li*




    Professor Li Pengfei of the Frontier Institute of Science and Technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University has been engaged in the research on the total synthesis of complex natural products with important physiological activities and the catalytic reactions of transition metals. Guanghu Tong took cyclopentadiene as the starting material. Through epoxidation ring opening reaction, photosinglet oxygen oxidative dearomatization, palladium catalyzed coupling reaction, vinyl addition reaction promoted by large site hindrance Lewis acid, solvent and acid controlled stereoselectivity to construct cyclopropane and olefin complex, decomposition, cyclization, selective oxidation and other key reactions, the synthesis of Prostratin was completed succinctly and efficiently. The synthesis strategy of modularized and rapid construction of tricyclic core skeleton and stereoselective construction of multiple continuous chiral centers will be of great significance to the synthesis of related diterpene natural products and pharmaceutical chemistry.



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