Mei Hong, Professor:

2010-Now: China, Xi'an JiaoTong University, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor.

2013-2014: USA, Florida State University, Visiting scholar.

2014-2015:Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education, Visiting scholar.

2005-2009:PhD,Management of Science. Xi'an Jiao tong University, Xi'an P.R. China.

Teaching Courses:

  • Special Topics in Higher Education, for Postgraduate student
  • Undergraduate professional frontier lecture (Part of Education Management),for Undergraduate student

Research Interests:  

Universities management and evaluation;Entrepreneurial University;Entrepreneurship Education;The Interaction between Teachers and Students

Research Programs:

Manage 20research projects, including 4 National Foundation of China ;3 Program of the Ministry of Education or Provicance Programs. Participate in over 16 research projects.  

  •  2012.1~2014.12, National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China , Influence mechanism of Entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurial intention-based on the empirical study of TPB theory model improvement and dynamic boundary analysis (Manager, Grant No.71103142).
  • 2012.1~2012.12, 1, Project supported by the Special Funds of the National Natural Science Foundation of China , research of science foundation information disclose (Manager, Grant No.M1121010).
  • 2010.3~2011.12, Ministry of Education for Philosophical and Social Science Study Program (Manager). Academic power and administrative power in Modern University's Governance structure-research taken the case by Xi’an Jiao tong University (Manager, project number: 09YJA880123-1).
  • 2013.5~2014.3. Department in The Ministry of science and technology. The Awards of National Science and Technology System to the Foreigners for Their International Experience and Social Cognitive. (Manager)
  •  2013.7~2014.6. Shaanxi Soft Science. The reform research of Shaanxi research management system and the Science & technology design system. (Manager, Grant No.:2013KRZ03) 


Published 50 research papers, 36 articles published in CSSCI journals. Authored 2 book, Participate completed 10 books and all of these published at the Chinese national level presses.


  • Mei Hong. Leadership behavior and psychological contract of high school teachers research [M]. Bei Jing: Central Compilation & Translation Press, 2012. (2012.3 Signed a publishing contract, In mid August print) (About 130000 words).
  • Song Xiao-ping, Mei Hong. Chapter four: Higher school discipline construction planning, Chapter five : Implementation of the subject construction [M]// Xie Gui-hua, Higher school discipline construction theory, Higher education press, 2011:108-167. (About 79000 words).
  •  Song Xiao-ping, Mei Hong. China's Higher Education optimal allocation of resources to the main problems and countermeasures; Song Xiao-ping, Mei Hong, Huang Zhong-de. China research university scientific research current situation analysis and improve competitive strategy [M]// Xi'an jiaotong university development research report. Xi'an: Xi'an Jiao Tong university: 43-49, 124-131. (About 12000 words).
  • Sun Wei, Mei Hong, Wang Cai-hua, Zhang Wei-rong. China University student’s innovative undertaking and employment analysis and countermeasures [M]// Chinese Management Research Center of Xi'an Jiao Tong University, China's social management development report. Bei Jing: Science Press, 2012:135-151. (About 20000 words).

Research papers:

  • Ren Zhi-guang, Mei Hong. Disclosure of Government Information from the Perspective of the New Public Service. Journal of Administrative Reform 2013(6):45-50.
  • Zhu Zheng-wei, Wang Yong, Mei Hong, Lv Xiao-ning. On the Core Elements of Contemporary Cultural and Creative Industries, Finding the Best Combination of Innovation in the Past and Future. Journal of XI’AN Jiao tong University201333119):1-4.
  • Ren Zhi-guang, Mei Hong, Du Quan-sheng, Han Zhi-yong, Zhang zhi-min. Information Disclosure Promoting a Healthy Development of Science Foundation [C] . China Science Founds. 2012, 26(6):361-364.
  •  Mei Hong, Wu Jian-nan. Enlightenment of NASPAA Certificate on the MPA Education of China. The Ninth National Evaluation Conference of Academy Degree and Postgraduate Education. 2012.9.
  •  Mei Hong, Song Xiaoping, Zhang Wei-rong. Reflection on the External Quality Assurance System of Graduate Education. [C] Journal of Graduate Education. 20126)(CSSCI
  • Mei Hong, Song Xiao-ping. China's general education practice review: the target analysis and reform strategy research [J]. Graduate Education Research, 2012 (4):1-6. (CSSCI).
  • Mei Hong, Song Xiao-ping, Zhang Wei-rong. Thought of China‘s Graduate Education’s Construction for External Quality Assurance System [J]. Graduate Education Research, 2012(5) (CSSCI).
  •  Mei Hong, Song Xiao-ping, Wu Jian-nan. An Empirical Study of the relationship between transformational leadership behavior and school performance-based on two level college backgrounds of institutions of Higher Learning [J]. Journal of Xi'anJiaotongUniversity (Social Sciences Edition, CSSCI).2012,31(6).
  • Song Xiao-ping, Mei Hong. The doctoral training in the course of the interactive relationship between teachers and students-based on the perspective of doctoral students [J]. The Journal of Chinese Higher Education Research, 2012(8) (CSSCI).
  •  Mei Hong, Song Xiao-ping. The relationship of leadership behavior, organizational communication effectiveness and teachers' psychological contract violation-an empirical study of based on the relationship between college two level college backgrounds [J]. Journal of Xi'anJiaotongUniversity (Social Sciences Edition, CSSCI), 2012, 32(2):84-90.
  •  Song Xiao-ping, Mei Hong, Huang Zhong-de. High level university scientific research competitiveness analysis and improvement strategy [J]. ChinaUniversity of Science and Technology, 2011(11):6-10.
  • Mei Hong, Song Xiao-ping, Shi Hui, Zhou Rong-lian. Mission and Responsibility: MBA Dissertations Quality Evaluation and Enlightenment-Research taken the example by Xi'an Jiaotong University [J]. Graduate Education Research (CSSCI), 2011(2):67-72.
  • Song Xiao-ping, Mei Hong (Corresponding author). Main Points Analysis of Reform in China's National Audit Degree Authorization [J]. Academic Degree & Graduate Education (CSSCI), 2010(2)61-65.
  • Song Xiao-ping, Mei Hong (Corresponding author). Liberal Education, General Education and Cultural Quality Education-Research on Current AmericanCollege's Education outlook and Innovation [J]. The Journal of Chinese Higher Education Research (CSSCI), 2010(1):30-34.
  • Song Xiao-ping, Mei Hong (Corresponding author). China’s degree of the audit process and reason authorized analysis [J]. The Journal of Chinese Higher Education Research (CSSCI), 2009(8):72-78.
  •  Mei Hong, Wu Jian-nan, Song Xiao-ping. Communication effectiveness, incentive mode with college performance related research, Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University (Social Sciences Edition, CSSCI), 2008(2):26-30.
  •  Mei Hong, Song Xiao-ping, Wu Jian-nan. Evaluation of various choices of foreign universities-A Case Study of the application-level taxonomy and DEA methods [J]. The Journal of Chinese Higher Education Research (CSSCI), 2008(4):37-40.
  • Mei Hong, Song Xiao-ping. The Correlation Study of leadership, Communication Satisfaction and College Performance [J]. Scientific Management Research (CSSCI), 2007(5):91-94.
  • Mei Hong. The Study of Communication Satisfaction in Human Resource Management [J]. Scientific Management Research (CSSCI), 2007(7)117-119.
  •  Mei Hong, Song Xiao-ping. Case study about the Universities ranking in China. Contributing [J]. The Journal of Chinese Higher Education Research (CSSCI), 2007(4):32-34.
  • Mei Hong, Song Xiao-ping, Wu Jian-nan. The Essential Factors of Knowledge Worker in Performance Management and EvaluationModelBuilding [J]. Scientific Management Research (CSSCI), 2007(03):89-92.
  • Mei Hong, Qin Xin-xin, Song Xiao-ping, Wu Hong-chun. The Analysis and Thinking of University Ranking Index System [J]. The Journal of Chinese Higher Education Research (CSSCI), 2004(6):42-44.
  • Song Xiao-ping, Mei Hong, Wu Hong-chun. The Layout of College Campus and Running Pattern [J]. The Journal of Chinese Higher Education Research (CSSCI), 2004(5):23-25.

Academic awards:

  • 2011.6, “Liberal Education, General Education and Cultural Quality Education-Research on Current AmericanCollege's Education outlook and Innovation”, Shaanxi College of Humanities and Social Science Research Award for outstanding achievements, second prize. Winners: Song Xiao-ping, Mei Hong.
  •  Mission and Responsibility: MBA Dissertations Quality Evaluation and Enlightenment-Research taken the example by Xi'an Jiaotong University [C]. (It had been rated as one of 13 excellent conference papers and one of the invited Lecture papers). The Eighth Assessment of National Degree and Graduate Education Conference, Changsha, October 2010. Outstanding conference papers. Winners: Mei Hong, Song Xiao-ping, Shi Hui.


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