Open Positions

Job Conditions

Positions available with salary, benefits, requirements and the selection process.

"万元" means 10,000 Chinese Yuan. Conversions to euros are added as per the rate on 31/10/2016 as an indication.

More information can be provided on request.


Interested candidates can contact Professor Marie-Jean THORAVAL:




Base salary is 6.4万元.

Selected candidates will be expected to apply for the Shaanxi Province program (see below).

Therefore, the total salary for this position will be either 6.4, 9.4 or 12.4 万元 depending on the support received from the province.


Before the application to the province program, and if the candidate is not successful in the application, an additional salary can be provided by the supervisor. The amount can be discussed depending on the candidate.


Can rent an apartment from the university (see details below).

Minimum requirements

·        PhD degree

·        1 research article published in an SCI journal.


Interviews can be done either in person in XJTU or on skype.

·        Interview by the supervisor.

·        Interview by the School of Aerospace.


      2.New Assistant Professor


Annual salary from 18 to 24 万元.

Selected candidates will be expected to apply for the Shaanxi Province program. The range of salary depends the result of the application.


Can rent an apartment from the university (see details below).

Foreign candidates will receive an annual round trip plane ticket to their hometown.

Minimum requirements

·        PhD degree

·        3 research articles published in SCI journals or 1 article published in a high impact factor journal.


·        Interview by the School

·        Interview by the university


3.Associate Professor or Professor

Young faculty positions are also open in the International Center for Applied Mechanics (ICAM) for outstanding candidates with publications in top international journals.


Different programs are available to recruit distinguished scholars and young researchers from China and abroad:

·        National “Thousand Young Talents” Program

·        “Yangtze River Young Scholars” Program by the Ministry of Education

·        “Outstanding Young Scholars” Supporting Program of XJTU

Updated announcements in English will be released soon. Some information in Chinese can be found at:

Interested candidates can contact:

·        International Center for Applied Mechanics (ICAM):

·        Marie-Jean THORAVAL:

Candidatures are now open until the 10th of November 2016 for the "Silk Road International Symposium for Distinguished Young Scholars (SRIS, 2016)" that will take place in Xi’an from 20 to 22 December 2016. Selected candidates will be able to come to Xi'an to learn more about the university and develop academic exchanges.


Shaanxi Province program

Candidates must apply to this program after they start working in XJTU.

The application will be around April 2017 (exact time to be confirmed).

Selected candidates will receive the award for one to two years:

·        3 万元 / year for candidates with PhD degree from China.

·        6 万元 / year for candidates with PhD degree from abroad.




Eligible candidates can rent an apartment from the university. Currently, apartments can be rented from the Qujiang campus. It takes about 30 minutes by bus to come to the main campus, with the bus stop arriving at the South-East gate (东南门).

Different sizes of apartments are available, depending on the candidate, from 40 to 61 m².

The renting fee is 8 / m² / month, plus an additional fee for the apartment equipment. Different options for the furniture are available, up to 140 / month.

For example, a 61 m² furnished apartment will be 628 / month (~85 €).


It is also possible to rent an apartment outside the university.

Some apartment can be found for example near the South-East gate (东南门).

No support will be provided by the university in that case.