Basic Information

Nanjing Hao (郝南京), Ph.D., Professor

Laboratory of Microscale Heat and Mass Transfer Process Intensification,
School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,
Xi'an JiaoTong University, P.R. China


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Team leader: Dean, Prof. Jinjia Wei (魏进家) 




Office: 19-2143 (iHarbor campus)


Lab Assistants:

• Xiong Zhao (赵雄),Email:   电话:13120368580 

• Zihan Ding (丁子涵),Email:   电话:15926548437

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LAB INTRODUCTION ☾微通道换热☽ ☾微反应器☽ ☾微化工☽ ☾声化工☽ ☾煤化工☽ ☾纳米流体☽ ☾传热传质强化☽

Lab Mission

    The central focus of our research group is to use microscale acoustics and microfluidics approaches to tackle challenging problems in mechanical, chemical, and biomedical engineering. We are particularly interested in the rational design of acoustic and microfluidic reactors, microscale synthesis of advanced functional materials, development of microscale methodologies for facilitating chemical reaction engineering, and exploitation of lab-on-a-chip systems for engineering thermophysics applications. ​

      Dr. Hao's research lab focuses on the theoretical and experimental studies of acoustic and microfluidic chemical engineering. We welcome motivated young scientists who are interested in interdisciplinary research to join our group. We need you to come together with us to reveal the mystery of microscopic fluidic world.


Academic Background:

      Dr. Hao is a full professor at the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology at XJTU. Prior to joining XJTU, Dr. Hao did his postdoctoral research at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth College, and Duke University in the United states. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014 (Advisors: Prof. Laifeng Li 李来风, and Prof. Fangqiong Tang 唐芳琼, retired). At Dartmouth College (Supervisor: Prof. John Zhang), he proposed a series of new passive microfluidic reactors for lab-on-a-chip applications. At Duke University (Supervisor: Prof. Tony Huang), he integrated acoustics with microfluidics as active acoustofluidic reactors for achieving more flexible control and intensive mixing towards chemical engineering and biosensing applications.


Research Area:

☾Microchannel Heat Transfer●微通道换热☽ ☾Acoustic Microreactor●声学微反应器☽ ☾Micro ChemEngineering●微化工☽ ☾Nanofluids●纳米流体☽ 

☾Acoustic ChemEngineering●声化工☽ ☾Coal Chemical Processing●煤化工☽ ☾Heat and Mass Transfer Enhancement●传热传质强化☽