I am going to recruit some postdoc fellows for my group at Xian Jiatong University, the salary is minimum 210K Yuan per year before tax (it can be increased based on performance of fellow or if we can getting funding from companies). The contract will be for two years. Important note is that the successful fellows have high chance to be employed after 2 years as associate professor in the school. The conditions of university are:

1- Age less than 35 years
2- Having 2 SCI paper in the CV.
However, I prefer people with at least 5 papers in good journals. The main fields of study (either experimental or numerical) are Renewable Energy, Phase change materials, Nanofluids, and heat exchangers, however, chance of candidate increases if the suggested subject has ability to be published in high impact factor journals. The application will be closed once the suitable candidates are found.
Please send your C.V. to my email :
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