Basic Information


     Meng Qingfeng 
        Professor of Institute of Lubrication Theory and Bearing
        M.S. and B.S. and Ph.D from Xi’an Jiaotong University
        Male, Han nationality
        Born in January 1959, Haixing city, Hebei Province
        Tel: +86-29-82669150
Admitted to Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1978, he went on to earn the Bachelor’s degree of Welding technology and equipment, Master’s degree of mechanics and Doctor’s degree of pattern recognition and intelligent system. In 1986, worked for his alma mater Xi’an Jiaotong University, Professor Meng Qingfeng has been engaged in the research of mechanical equipment condition monitoring and diagnosis, signal analysis and processing and mechanical detection technology as well as the teaching work.  
From 1997 to 2000, employed by Singapore Nanyang Technological University, He engaged in the research of Non-sensor technology and Microelectronics processing testing technology.
In charge of 2 projects of National High Technology Research Development Plan Projects (called 863 Projects), 3 projects of National Natural Science Foundation. Being the major participants responsible for other national science and technology research projects, 973 Projects, National Science Foundation Projects, Provincial Fund Projects, International Cooperation and plant-school cooperation Projects etc more than 30 items. He has obtained one National Science and Technology Progress Awards, and four provincial progress awards.
More than 80 research papers published on domestic and foreign academic journals and one co-author monograph.
Five patent applications and two software copyright have been authorized and two of them have been transferred.
Research Area
(1)    Mechanical signal analysis and faults diagnosis
(2)    Wireless sensor network measurement technology and application
(3)    Information detection of micro-processing and quality control

Recent Scientific Research Projects
[1] National natural science foundation projects “Bearing temperature monitoring and fault diagnoses technology based on wireless sensor network
[2] National natural science foundation projects “Condition monitoring and fault diagnoses of ultrasonic wire bonding process in micro-electronics encapsulation
[3] National natural science foundation projects “non-sensor monitoring and diagnosis technology basis and applied research in mechanical system’’
[4]National 863 projects “nuclear pump reliability assessment and life prediction technology research based on separation of the sample’’
[5]National 863 projects “equipment monitoring and diagnosis network system and key technology research based on resource node”
Main Projects Involved In
[1] National 973 projects ‘‘key scientific problems of the nuclear pump manufacture’’
[2]The tenth five years national scientific and technological projects ‘‘equipment remote monitoring and fault detection system based on the network’’

Awards and Patent
1.      “Non-stationary dynamic analysis and monitoring & diagnosis technology of large-scale machinery and equipment” got a national scientific progress third-class prize in 1999
2.      “Non-stationary condition monitoring and fuzzy diagnostic techniques of large-scale machinery and equipment” got a national education Board first-class prize in 1997 
3.      “Mechanical failure diagnosis and monitoring technology using the time-frequency analysis’’ awarded the third-class of the scientific progress in department of mechanical and electronic in 1992
4.      Time-frequency analysis Application in mechanical failure diagnosis and monitoring’’ awarded the first class of Shaanxi education committee scientific progress in 1991
5.      Authorized national invent patent“waveform signal decomposition method of extraction of mechanical dynamic information’’