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      Qing-Yuan YANG

    Ph.D, Professor



School of Chemical Engineering and Technology

Xi'an Jiaotong University

No. 28 West Xianning Road, Xi'an,

 Shaanxi, China.





2002-2006, B.S., Sun Yat-Sen University

2006-2011, Ph.D., Sun Yat-Sen University (Prof. Cheng-Yong Su)



Work Experience

2011.09-2014.06    Postdoctoral Researcher     Sun Yat-Sen University

2011.12-2014.06    Postdoctoral Researcher     University of Strasbourg (Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn)

2014.08-2018.08    Postdoctoral Researcher     University of Limerick (Prof. Michael Zaworotko)

2016.10-2016.11    Visiting Scholar                    Kyoto University (Prof. Susumu Kitagawa)



Research Profile

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Orcid ID: 0000-0002-1742-2088





Project A



  (1) Flexible Metal-Organic Materials for gas storage



Relevant  publications:

[1]  Yang, Q.-Y.; Lama, P.; Sen, S.; Lusi, M.; Chen, K.-J.; Gao, W.-Y.; Shivanna, M.; Pham, T.; Kusaka, S.; Hosono, N.; Perry IV, J. J.; Ma, S.; Space, B.; Barbour, L. J.; Kitagawa, S.; Zaworotko, M. J., Reversible switching between highly porous and non-porous phases of an interpenetrated diamondoid coordination network that exhibits gate-opening at methane storage pressures. Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 2018, 57, 5684-5689.

[2]  Zhu, A-X#.; Yang, Q.-Y.# (#Co-first author);  Kumar, A.; Crowley, C.; Mukherjee, S.; Chen, K.-J.; Wang, S.-Q.; O'Nolan, D.;  Shivanna, M.; Zaworotko, M. J*., A coordination network that reversibly switches between two non-porous polymorphs and a high surface area porous phase. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2018140, 15572-15576.

[3]  Shivanna, M#.; Yang, Q.-Y.# (#Co-first author); Bajpai, A.; Sen, S.; Hosono, N.; Kusaka, S.; Pham, T.; Forrest, K. A.; Space, B.; Kitagawa, S*.; Zaworotko, M. J*., Readily accessible shape memory effect in a porous interpenetrated coordination network. Science Advances 20184, aaq1636. 

[4]  Shivanna, M.; Yang, Q.-Y. Bajpai, A.; E. Patyk-Kazmierczak, M. J. Zaworotko*, A dynamic and multi-responsive porous flexible metal–organic material, Nature Commun.2018, 11692.

[5]  S. Q. Wang, Q. Y. Yang, S. Mukherjee, D. O'Nolan, E. Patyk-Kazmierczak, K. J. Chen, M. Shivanna, C. Murray, C. C. Tang, M. J. Zaworotko*, Recyclable switching between nonporous and porous phases of a square lattice (sql) topology coordination network, Chem. Commun.2018, 7042-7045. 


Project B 


   (2) Metal-organic Materials for Industrial separation



Relevant  publications:

[1]  Chen, K.-J.#Yang, Q.-Y.# (#Co-first author); Sen, S.; Madden, D. G.; Kumar, A.; Pham, T.; Forrest, K. A.; Hosono, N.; Space, B.; Kitagawa, S.; Zaworotko, M. J*., Efficient CO2 Removal for Ultra-Pure CO Production by Two Hybrid Ultramicroporous Materials, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 2018, 57, 3332-3336.

[2]  G. B. Li, Q. Y. Yang*, R. K. Pan, S. G. Liu*, Diverse cobalt (II) coordination polymers for water/ethanol separation and luminescence water sensing applications, CrystEngComm2018, 10.1039/C8CE00709H.

[3]  O'Nolan, D.; Madden, D.; Kumar, A.; Chen, K.-J.; Pham, T.; Forrest, K.; Patyk-Kazmierczak, E.; Yang, Q.-Y., Murray, C.; Tang, C.; Space, B.; Zaworotko, M. J*., Impact of Partial Interpenetration in a Hybrid Ultramicroporous Material on C2H2/C2H4 Separation Performance, Chem. Commun.2018, 3488-3491.

[4]  Chen, K.-J.; Madden, D. G.; Pham, T.; Forrest, K. A.; Kumar, A.; Yang, Q.-Y.; Xue, W.; Space, B.; Perry, J. J.; Zhang, J.-P.*; Chen, X.-M.; Zaworotko, M. J.*, Tuning Pore Size in Square-Lattice Coordination Networks for Size-Selective Sieving of CO2. Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 2016, 55, 10268-10272.



Project C



 (3) Luminescent coordination polymers




Relevant  publications:

[1]  Yang, Q.-Y.; Pan, M.; Wei, S.-C.; Li, K.; Du, B.-B.; Su, C.-Y., Linear Dependence of Photoluminescence in Mixed Ln-MOFs for Color Tunability and Barcode Application. Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, 54, 5707-5716. (Cover paper)


[2]  Yang, Q.-Y.; Lehn, J.-M., Bright White-Light Emission from a Single Organic Compound in the Solid State. Angew. Chem., Int. Ed.,  2014, 53, 4572-4577.


[3]  Yang, Q.-Y.; Wu, K.; Jiang, J.-J.; Hsu, C.-W.; Pan, M.; Lehn, J.-M.; Su, C.-Y., Pure white-light and yellow-to-blue emission tuning in single crystals of Dy (III) metal–organic frameworks. Chem. Commun., 2014, 50, 7702-7704.


[4]  Yang, Q.-Y.; Pan, M.; Wei, S.-C.; Hsu, C.-W.; Lehn, J.-M.; Su, C.-Y., Photoluminescent 3D lanthanide MOFs with a rare (10, 3)-d net based on a new tripodal organic linker. CrystEngComm 2014, 16, 6469-6475.


[5]  Yang, Q.-Y.; Li, K.; Luo, J.; Pan, M.; Su, C.-Y., A simple topological identification method for highly (3, 12)-connected 3D MOFs showing anion exchange and luminescent properties. Chem. Commun., 2011, 47, 4234-4236.



[6] Liu, Y.; Pan, M.; Yang, Q.-Y.; Fu, L.; Li, K.; Wei, S.-C.; Su, C.-Y.*, Dual-Emission from a Single-Phase Eu–Ag Metal–Organic Framework: An Alternative Way to Get White-Light Phosphor. Chem. Mater.201224, 1954-1960. (Cover paper, ESI highly cited paper)

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