1. 实验室长期招聘硕士、博士研究生,欢迎有有机化学专业背景的同学推免或者报考!也欢迎广大本科生来实验室学习。

2. 诚挚欢迎海内外已毕业或者即将毕业的博士以博士后的身份加入团队(年薪18w+绩效,子女可享受交大优质中小幼教育资源)(西安房价你感受一下),表现优秀者可推荐成为学校教师(讲师、副教授)。



1. PhD Positions

    PhD positions are available in our group each year, usually starting in September. If you are interested in a PhD with our group, then please contact me as soon as possible.

2. Available Reaserch Opportunities Including Research Assistants and Postdoctoral Fellows

    We are always looking to recruit talented and committed scientists. If you are interested in working in the Zeng group, then please contact me directly.

    Please send curriculum vitae, publication list and names of three references to:




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