Basic Information



Tian, Peng

Professor of linguistics

School of Foreign Studies

Xi’an Jiaotong University                    

Xi’an, China 710049



 Sep. 2005 - Jun. 2010:  Ph.D. in English, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai, China

 Sep. 1988 - Jun. 1991: M.A. in Linguistics (English), Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China

 Sep. 1984 - Jul. 1988: English, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China




Aug.2014 – July 2018: Deputy Director, Liverpool Confucius Institute, the University of Liverpool, UK

Jun. 1991 - Present: Lecturer,  Assistant Lecture, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor, School of  Foreign Studies, Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU)

Feb.2013- Aug. 2014: Director, The Silk Road Combined Centre of European Studies, XJTU

Aug.2011-Sep.2012: Visiting Scholar, Department of Anthropology, University of Washington, USA

May 2007-Oct.2007: Visiting Researcher, European Studies Programme, Leiden University, Netherlands

Jun.2003-Aug. 2011: Vice Director, School of Foreign Studies,XJTU

Sep.2001-Apr. 2002: Visiting Scholar, Linguistic Programme, University of Georgia, USA

Jun.1998-Jun. 2003: Chair of the Department of College English, School of Foreign Studies, XJTU



Teaching Interests:

1. Language Courses: College English, including Oral English Course, Advanced Mulit-medium English Learning, English Writing Course

2. Social Studies Courses: A History of European Integration(co-teaching); The Progress of European Civilization:A Modern Perspective (co-teaching).

Research Interests:

Language policy, language and identity, European studies, ethnic studies





1. Tian, Peng, A Stuy on the Language Policy of European Union from the Perspective of Collective Identity [M],Beijing:Peking University Press, 2015.

2. Tian, Peng, Overseas Nationalism Activities and Its Influence in Ukrainian Domestics Nationalism [J], Russian, East European & Central Asian Studies, No.4, 2014

3. Tian, Peng, Language Policy, Nationalism and the Breakup of Former USSR [J], North-Western Journal of Ethnology, No.2, 2013

4. Tian, Peng, Language Policy and National Identity: A Reflection on the Minority Language Policies of Former USSR [J], Russian, East European & Central Asian Studies, No.1, 2013

5. Tian, Peng, The Marxist Theory of Language Policy: Its Development and Practice [J], Journal of World Peoples Studies, No.2, 2013

6. Tian, Peng, An Analysis of the Challenges faced by the Official Language Policy of European Union, in Zhou, Qinsheng, editor, Language Situation in China: 2009, Beijing: Commercial Press, 2010, pp. 317-328

7. Tian, Peng, Cultural Nationalism and the National Language Issues in former Yugoslavia [J], Journal of World Peoples Studies, No.2, 2009

8. Tian, Peng & Xu Xiuyun, The Application of Process Evaluation in College Oral English teaching and Learning [J], Foreign language Education, 2009, Special Volume

9. Tian, Peng, The Evolution of EU’s Language Policy: From Linguistic Equality to Linguistic Integration[C], in Ma,Xiaoqiang & Gu,Ying, Editors, The European Integration and the Sustainable Development of Northwest China, Xi’an: Xi’an World Book Publishing Press,2008, pp. 76-90



2009: University Award for Excellent English Textbook Compiling

2007: University Award for College English Courses Development

2005: Outstanding Achievement Award for English Teaching Reform,Shaanxi Provincial Government

2004: University Award for Directing Extracurricular English Activities Research Grant for China’s Minority Language Policy Studies, Research Foundation of Xi’an Jiaotong University, 2010.



Vice Director, Board of Faculty, School of Foreign Studies, Xi’anJiaotongUniversity, 2007 — Present.

Vice Dean, School of Foreign Studies, Xi’anJiaotongUniversity, 2003—2007.
Chairman, Center of College English Teaching, 1998—2003.