Research Interests

1) Novel heat transfer technologies and their applications to engineering problems

Main subjects: Mechanism investigation of novel heat transfer technologies, Heat transfer enhancement for complicated surfaces and its applications, Computational Fluid Dynamics & Numerical Heat Transfer (CFD&NHT) and its applications, Control of convective heat transfer under external forces such as magnet field, New cooling techniques for complicated configurations and/or under extreme conditions, Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method and its application to Micro-channel flow and heat transfer problems, heat transfer and fluid flow in porous media, etc.

2) R&D of compact and high-efficiency heat exchangers

Main subjects: Applications of novel heat transfer technologies to heat exchangers, Design and optimization of compact heat exchangers, R&D of high-performance primary recuperators for Micro-Gas-Turbine, R&D of new-material heat exchangers, Whole-field numerical simulation for heat exchangers, Applications of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) / Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Computational Heat Transfer (CHT) to the control techniques of heat exchangers, Investigation on dynamic performances of heat exchangers, Optimal design and control techniques of heat exchangers, etc.

3) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and building environment

Main subjects: Thermal comfort and indoor air quality for buildings with air conditioning, Air-cleaning methods and equipments, Transport phenomena of indoor airborne contaminants such as VOCs and Inhalable Particles, Evaluation of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and its influence to health, etc.

4) Energy system and its evaluation

Main subjects: Distributed Energy System (Micro gas turbine and fuel cell), Building Energy Economics, Energy consumption analysis for buildings, Application of new energy sources and renewable energy sources, Green architectures, etc.