Group news
韩国Wonwoo Nam教授访问我实验室! 2019-11-25
课题组邀请综述在Molecules上发表 2019-10-28
【七十年七十人】郭武生:瞄准前沿守初心,学科交叉担使命 2019-10-28
来自西班牙加泰罗尼亚化学研究所(ICIQ)的Arjan Kleij教授来访我实验室 2019-10-24
郭武生教授被邀参加宁波市科技沙龙并做邀请报告 2019-10-20
Welcome our new PhD students Haiyu Sun and Manying Cui 2019-09-01
郭武生教授被邀在湖南大学做学术报告 2019-05-27
郭武生教授入选国家高层次人才计划! 2019-01-28
郭武生教授入选陕西特聘高级青年人才计划(原陕西百人) 2018-12-27
Welcome Banghong from Lanzhou University 2018-10-12
Our research was highlighted by FIST, XJTU and more ! 2018-09-27
Welcome Fengchao from Renmin University of China! 2018-09-04
Prof. Guo was invited to give a talk in Shantou University 2018-09-03
高端人才专访报道Porf. Guo 2018-08-18
Welcome Teng Liu, the second PhD student in our group 2018-07-20
First paper in our group was accepted by Angew Chem Int Ed. Cheers! 2018-05-28
Dr. Rui Huang from ICIQ (Spain) visited our new lab. Welcome Dr. Huang! 2018-05-28
Linhong finished his first successful experiment in our lab. 2018-05-28
Welcome Linhong from Nankai University, the first PhD student of our group! 2018-05-07
New start! Guo group! 2018-03-09
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