I am in charge of the following two courses.

Course 1. Solid State Physics, PHYS7401, graduate course, taught in English, given by 2 professors

This course aims at providing students with the essential concepts of solid state physics, in particular, the physical pictures of atoms, electrons and phonons in crystals. It is intended to show the relationship between the physical properties and the behaviors of solids. Main content includes: crystal lattice structure, atomic bonding in crystals, energy band theory of solid, free electron and transport theory, lattice vibration and thermal properties, magnetism and so on.

Course 2. Frontiers of Materials Science, MATL7402, graduate course, taught in English, given by 11 professors

The course aims at introducing the research frontiers of materials science to graduate students. More than 10 research topics at the cutting edge of materials science research will be covered, including but not limited to electronic memory materials, organic photovoltaic materials, shape memory materials, ferroelectric materials, magnetic materials, topological insulators, graphene, 2D materials, nuclear materials, energy materials, ceramics, oxides,  mechanical properties of materials at nanoscale, Synchron research in materials science, electron microscopy in materials science, and so on.

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