(1.)Basic Information


      • 1982 English Department, Peking University: BA in English Language and Literature;
      • 1984 English Department, Peking University: MA in English Language and Literature;
      • 2008 School of Chinese Literature, Shaanxi Normal University: Ph.D in Classical Chinese Literature;
      • 1984—1995 Teaching at Peking University;
      • 1985—1986 Harvard Yenching Fellow at Harvard University;
      • 2007/3—2007/9  Visiting Scholar at Leiden University, the Netherlands;
      • 1995—1998 Associate Chief Translator at the International Youth Exchange Centre of
        Shaanxi Youth League;
      • 1998—Now  Professor at the English Department of Xi’an Jiaotong University. 
Courses Offered
      • Western Literary Theory       Postgraduate course (1st year students)
      • Poetry Appreciation       Postgraduate course  (1st year students)
      • Cultural Diversity and Social Harmony      Postgraduate course  (funded by the EU-China ESCP Programme)
            Course Introduction
            Course File
            Course PPT
      • British Literature       Undergraduate course (3rd and 4th year students)
            British and American Literature
Research Activities

Major Works
      • Translated part of 300 TANG POEMS—A NEW TRANSLATION    The Commercial Press  Hong Kong, 1987
      • Translated part of 100 BIBLE STORIES   The Commercial Press Hong Kong, 1988
      •   Men As Poetry    Writers’ Press   2001/12
      • “’The Secrets of the Body’, the Language of the Body”    Southern Literary Forum 2002/5
      • “Stories of the Back Street”    Poetry Monthly  2002/9
      • “The Lake and the City—Feminism in ‘The Sentimental Years’”    Flowers Islet   2003/1
      • “5 Translated Poems of William Carlos Williams in Modified Chinese Classical Poetic Metrics”    World Literature 2003/1
      • “’The Remains of the Day’—When the Sun Is Setting”     World Literature 2004/1
      • Six Shu’s Principles of “Interactivel Juxtaposition” and “Not Not This. Not Not That” and a Tang Poem     North-West Normal University Journal 2007/1
      • Blossoms of Western Language and Chinese Character: Metaphor and Bi Xing   North-West University Journal 2008/1
      • The Tang Concept of Yijing and the Tang Regulated Verse (Abstract of Ph.D Thesis)   Download
Major Research Funding:
      • A Comparative Study of Classical Regulated Verse between English and Chinese5,000 RMB (Shaanxi Provincial Academic Research Fund)
      • The Silk Road Combined Centre of European Studies 444,745 EUR (EU-China ESCP Fund)
The Silk Road Combined Centre of European Studies (link):


Creative Works

 Seven-Character Regulated Verse

  It’s Love or Hate?

It’s love or hate, the melodies of the zitherist?
Regrets, then the saddest , now the sweetest.
 Doubtful steps counted the secret hints missed,
Frosty leaves tapped the musing eaves in mist.
Memories upon memories, fallen petals, unawares;
Nights for sleeplessness, the dreadful floor, whereas!
Swift clouds drifting over the tiled roofs below,
With a fenced lamp and a lonesome shadow.




Computer Graphics
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Translated Works

Contact Details
          E-Mail: xdbai@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
          Mobile Phone: 13991396969

Basic Information


Basic Information 

Xiaodong Bai
Doctor and Professor of English Literature and Cross-Cultural Studies
English Department at the School of International Studies of Xi’an Jiaotong University


Director of the Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies
Director of the Silk Road Combined Centre of European Studies


Member of the Chinese Association of European Studies
Member of the Chinese Association of Comparative Literature



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